Vigilante Thoughts - Storm The Unpredictable - Amalgamation (CD, Album)

I'm not even going to speak about how illogical it is to judge the quality of music by saying how much of it there is, since some people actually prefer quantity over quality, but this I will say: is it just a coincidence that a considerable part of the prog classics clock under 40 minutes?

I think not. I really expected more from those people than to use such an unjustified argument. Afterglow, however, seems to be even more influenced by Gentle Giant than its predecessor, mostly because of the medieval-like music themes and the whole chamber music feeling of it all.

Also, as I said before, the band is much more focused in this album, making the music sound more cohere, what definitely is something positive. Grade and Final Thoughts Afterglow is one album that don't suffer from the infamous second album crisis. Here, Wobbler was able to repeat the formula they have done before and improve it, without sounding bad nor being short of new ideas.

In Afterglow they were able to say everything they wanted to say, but with fewer words, what made possible for them to stay on topic. Let's just hope they keep this focus from now on. When I first heard Wobbler's Afterglow I kept waiting for something to happen. I can't quite say what it was, but I knew this album was missing something from the start.

So after more listens, I've come to the conclusion of what the problem is with this album. It is lacking in consistency. That's the only major problem with this album, but that alone can completely destroy an album. Afterglow is a perfect example of this. This album is filled with great Hammond organ moments, some very cool instrumental passages, and really complex sections. So what's the problem? They simply don't work together. Each of the two longer songs is really just a collection of cool sections sloppily thrown together.

The lack of coherency on this album really kills this album. The different sections just don't flow naturally. This is a fine example of an album "trying too hard to be prog". The abuse of complexity on this album is unbelievable.

And this is coming from a fan of symphonic prog, Dream Theater, and even technical death metal! I don't mind complexity, but this album is simply overkill. Aside from all of that, this album is not a total failure. The musicianship is top-notch, and the production sounds very professional. The vocals are admittedly pretty terrible, but the musicians keyboard player especially show their chops. It's really a shame the songwriting is rather poor on this album, because these professional musicians are more than capable of playing great music.

I like the use of Harpsichord, and I think this is a solid instrumental opener. There are some cool organ and mellotron bits, but the majority of this lengthy song is rather forgettable. I do highly recommend that fans of the Hammond organ check this out, because this has some killer solos. The only vocal section is near the end, and while the melodies and riffs are memorable and some of the best on the album, the vocal department is suffering.

I really think Wobbler needs to consider an overhaul vocally. Everything here is solid musically, but it seems like it was just thrown together. However, if I had to pick one song from this album, it would be this. It has some really cool bits, but together it just doesn't work. This has some excellent use of mellotron, and instrumentally this song is solid.

But as a "song", it fails. It does nothing for me, even though the church organ part is decent. Conclusion: Afterglow is a passable album. At 33 minutes of music that were written 10 years ago it can hardly be called an album. On the other hand, if this were longer than 33 minutes I think I would go insane. The musicianship is solid, the production and instrumentation is great, but the songwriting really suffers.

This seems like a cut and paste effort, with no real feeling of consistency. Since fans of Anglagard and the Hammond organ will find some enjoyment out of this album, I'll give it a small two stars. But if you're looking for great songwriting, you won't find it here. The three shorter numbers are somewhat less interesting. An opening folk-tinged atmospheric piece is a nice start to the album, the acoustic guitar track wedged in between the epics is rather forgettable while final effort Armoury is the most interesting piece of these brief songs - a rich, warm folk-piece that breaks to a heavy, dramatic organ before spacey swirling synths takes over until the end.

And while short in overall length it's a nice addition to the album collection due to the epic compositions - especially if vintage symphonic prog Italian style is to your liking. Shifty, quirky and slightly eccentric - but made in an interesting and intriguing manner.

After a short medieval complete with crumhorn, a wink to Gryphon, I guess tune as form of intro, the album launches into Hybris eeeeeehhhmmm!!! I mean Afterglow , a mins "epic" Imperial White Winter, that has everything to please the usual retro-prog fan of which I guess I still rank among, sine I bought the album , but here I must say that Wobbler does raise my eyebrow for a few minutes, because they seem to try something else.

The short album closes on the other medieval ditty Armoury, which supposed to give a belonging semblance to the album and book-end two epics. I can't call this album much superior or inferior to their debut release and I wonder how much of the music was re-written or re-adapted from a decade ago.

All I can say is that if you love Anglagard-derived retro-prog and are not too, regarding on originality or borrowings, you won't have a problem melting for this. What would it happen if they applied an electrical-ear on your optical nerves?

Just another short quotation from L'homme truq' to introduce the following 'Mummia' Mummy and its bold games of shadows and lights. Another short interlude, 'Scogli 3' Rocks 3 leads to the conclusive 'Rassegnati' Resigned , a beautiful, complex track with sudden changes in mood and rhythm. On the whole, this is a great instrumental album where not a single note sounds out of place.

It could be the perfect score for a thriller, the music is challenging but never boring and it's really worth listening to. Review by Warthur Prog Reviewer. It doesn't even matter, if somebody listens to this music. The musician releases it, just like a beautiful bird from its cage. If somebody has seen the bird flying, consider it as a piece of luck. If not, it doesn't matter, the music has fulfilled its global task: helping us to approach the state of the Total Harmony, making the world cleaner, brighter.

I was sure. This music adds to the Total Harmony of the Universe. It is a most beautiful bird, and I was lucky to see it flying. I was also sure of another thing. His music is not only symphonic or even spherical, but also it tells a story. Or if you wish, it shows you beautiful landscapes, seen, as if from the seat of the train. But also, SKE's music has this special, a little iron edge in it. I guess, the term fusion fits most here.

Talking about performance, only superlatives pop in my mind. But my heart is gone to the woodwind, and especially the flute. I will definitely show this exotic bird to my friends. I think, even people who don't dig prog or fusion, will be able to appreciate the beauty if this one. He also revealed that the two of them had bound Brooke with wire and tossed him off the San Mateo Bridge. Holmes was soon arrested and also confessed to the crime, and both he and Thurmond were held at the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose.

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  2. Storm the Unperdictable - Unpredictable Amalgamation - Music Skip to main content Vigilante Thoughts 9. I'm Gone Work It Out Stop Lyin' We Ain't Like That The One That You Love Low Down and Dirty Up in You Snippets from Priest da Nomad. Product details. Audio CD (January 28, ) Number of Discs.
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  4. Taking the name Storm the Unpredictable (though he also sometimes went under Quiet Storm), he released his debut single, MCs be Killin' Me, in An EP, The Unexpected, came out shortly after (and was later reissued in ).
  5. Storm the unpredictable's songs: ALBUM. DATE. TIME. PLAYS. Weight on the Stompin. Storm the unpredictable feat. Priest Da Nomad. The Amalgamation. 0. Get Your Weight Up (Big Girl Anthem) Vigilante Thoughts. Storm the unpredictable. The Amalgamation. 0. Intro. Storm the unpredictable.
  6. VIGILANTE () is the savvy inspiration for the Western Noir flick THE SAN FRANCISCO STORY (), portraying Gold Rush era corruption as an individual's chance to Reviews: 1.
  7. Vigilante (4) Profile: Chilean electronic/metal act based around front man Ivan Muñoz (programming/ guitars/ vocals) which has seen releases in countries as diverse as .
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