Susan Dei Marinai - Various - Italian Graffiti 1971 (Vinyl, LP)

It's tricky to understand where it stands, I can't understand if I want it in my jazz collection all my rock collection. Some very very good harmonies in this album, all done by Nick Decaro himself. There's also a cover of the Todd Rundgren song "Wailing Wall" which is a very good cover. It's also a surprise considering I didn't realise anyone had made a cover of this song previous to this album.

This album does have some similarities with "Runt - Ballad of Todd Rundgren" , very light, very calming. If you are into modern jazz or very soft rock this is a very very good to get and if you do you see a copy I would highly suggest you get it because if you see from this page, there aren't too many copies about. Loads of nudity with beautiful Italian women including Marina Suma.

Shock ending. H Web of Silence - A. Leandro Lucchetti directs a controversial and frank subject his last. Marco Di Stefano is Walter. He tells his wife on the phone he is busy with work and hangs up the phone, then we see he is naked and having passionate sex with a hot young woman.

Later at a party he is trying to pick up even more women. He begins to feel ill, but this doesn't stop him from humping a sexy brunette! Later his wife tries to get a rise out of him. Finally, he ends up bed-bound, dying of A.

Now his wife is getting a blood test. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is out spreading the disease. Quality not as good as usual on this obscure title.

In English language. B Wedding in Blood 73 aka: Les noces rouges A tale of adultery and political skullduggery in provincial France. Two married people, both in loveless marriages, are having an affair. The man, his wife is sickly, and when she dies allegedly by suicide, suddenly, suspicion accelerates. The truth is far more sinister. The daughter of the adulteress hears all and sees all, and will be instrumental in things coming to light. The main village setting and surrounding locales make for a foreboding atmosphere.

Stephane Audran stars. H Wheeler 75 aka: Psycho from Texas Wheeler has had a tough time of it. Being raised all grubby and poor, watching his whore mother service male clients Now he has grown into a repulsive adult, hired to kidnap a rich oil Baron by the greedy son. Then he forces her to dry hump the corpse of a man he has just killed!

Oh, yea, the kidnapping goes awry and all hell breaks loose. Set in rural Arkansas. H3 Your Sweet Body to Kill 70 aka: Il tuo dolce corpo da uccidere A man, henpecked by his wife Francoise Prevost has numerous fantasies about murdering her. When he receives an anonymous letter with information about his wife cheating on him he decides it is time to turn his fantasy into reality.

When he finally does the deed he accidentally leaves evidence that ends up in the hands of Elena the beautiful Orchidea de Santis. A dark, sometimes comical and different type of giallo. Nice LBX and now with English subtitles! B Zigeunerweisen 80 aka: Gypsy Airs aka: Tsigoineruwaizen An astonishing series of outrageous, chilling and nightmarish images in this strange Japanese film.

Set in 's Japan, saturated with decadence and nihilism, here we have a desperate group of four, drawn together by unseen strands of fate, on the road to madness spinning on their own fears and desires. Aochi, a scientist in a seaside town, discovers Nakasago, a former classmate, full time vagabond, mistreater of women, and maybe During their reunion they both fall hard for the beautiful local geisha Koine.

But when Nakasaggo marries, and then abandons, eerie Koine -look-alike Sono, the men's mutual obsession for Koine escalates into paranoia and treachery, spiked with undercurrents of witchcraft and the sinister presence of supernatural denizens.

Well over 2 hours. In Japanese language and with English subtitles. H 36 Crazy Fists, The 77 aka: San shi liu mi xing quan When a peaceful shopkeeper is killed by Manchurian gangsters for not paying protection money, a weak young man goes to Kung Fu masters to learn the arts so he can later get revenge. The masters turn him away at first because they think he is too weak, but with the aid of other students and some drunk guy, he manages to get it done through years of dedicated training.

Fight scenes choreographed by Jackie Chan! English language dubbed. Can I even say that? A French boxing coach Jean-Paul Belmondo on his way to the Summer Olympics in Germany, is asked for his autograph by a little Jewish orphan who is in danger.

Nazi Germany, not a safe place for our little Jewish friend. He risks his one shot at Olympic glory to save Simon, braving impossible odds in action-packed roller coaster style, with the Nazi's nipping at their heels! He even comes face to face with Hitler himself! Belmondo steals the show with endless stunts and action scenes. With actual footage of the Olympics mixed with black and white fake footage of Hitler reacting!

The film though, in color, in a nice sharp print. B Adolescent, The 79 aka: L'adolescente Details the pureness of pre -WW2 life in the French countryside mingled with the coming of age for a young girl named Marie. Her mother and father are constantly making love, awakening Marie's curiosity. When Marie's father angrily splits to assist a relative attend to his harvest, Marie becomes interested in the town's young Jewish doctor. The doctor treats her like a child, and disappears into the woods for hours at a time with her mother!

With the help of her grandmother Simone Signoret she tries to navigate through these times of her budding body amidst familial complications. Will her parent's reconcile?

Will Marie lose her virginity? Will the Jewish doctor get his ass handed to him by the vengeful father? The answer to these questions and more! LBX, in French language and with English subtitles. One day she meets Laurent Raf Vallone and falls in love. Betrayal, treachery, passion and death in equal doses ending in ironic karmic destiny.

A bleary downbeat tale, vivid and brooding, A Euro -Noir, with a cold, stunning Signoret H56 Bang! You're Dead! Schizophrenic and all over the place fun. It's a spoof, It's a comedy. It' everything 60's, and more! One Weapon One Hell of a Movie! The White Dragon must get a list of names of all rebel supporters to Prince Ma Tung, the leader of the rebellion, so he can better organize his strategies.

Naturally the evil Prime Minister opposition wants to get his hands on the list, so he can kill his enemies easily. The Prime Minister also wants to kill White Dragon for the humiliation his father suffered when White Dragon kicked the crap out of him Battles, jumping, chains, swords Bruce Lee battles banditos who wear 'loud' shiny colored flamboyant clothes, and they have the tendency to break into little dances on a whim.

Be clear though, the bad gang seems to be raping peasant girls and they also have their own in -house stable of occasionally topless whores, so maybe they are just fashion conscious straight guys that like to dance?

Kind of like many young men today. Some surprisingly violent scenes. By the way, most of you know, but this is not really Bruce Lee. I enjoyed this fake gay's versus kung fu guy and his numbchucks flick. Loads of action, hilarious sounds, and some slow motion. In Portuguese language and with English subtitles. But he is pulled back into a life of crime by a former flame Giovanna Ralli and her shifty boyfriend.

They want him to enlist a gang to pull a bank heist in Pamplona, while the annual 'running of the bulls' is the distraction! Hence the title. Stephen Boyd's girl the delicious Yvette Mimieux is unaware of his actions. It is so hot the men pull the heist bare -chested, coming in through an underground tunnel. After the heist, they all take a shower together! Shirtless Boyd, huffs and puffs that torso.

Mimieux pouts and looks sexy. Also with Clifton James and more. Interesting heist oddity. Filmed in Pamplona. H Cobra, The 67 aka: Il Cobra aka: Le Cobra Disgraced treasury agent Mike Rand Peter Martell teams with his boss to halt a Red Chinese plot to destroy the free world by flooding the market with opium and turning everyone into addicts.

Rand manages to bed Anita Ekberg along the course of the way She's hooked but, she looks good so Dana Andrews also stars and is involved in quite a bit of action here. Nice locations and a cool final quarter in an industrial complex. Also with George Eastman and Elisa Montes. Nice sharp LBX.

H Dayton's Devils 68 aka: I diavoli di Dayton An organized crook assembles a group of similar types which include ex -cons and misfits to plan a heist by robbing the payroll of an Air Force Base. They pull it off and the main problem is the people they made deals with in the getaway part of the plan. No honor among thieves. A great cast! Also with Georg Stanford Brown.

Plenty of action for a MFTV film. B Eye of the Spider 71 aka: L'occhio del ragno Antonio Sabato plays Paul, a criminal who has spent time in prison in Austria, after being abandoned by his friends following a heist gone wrong. Paul is to blackmail his former associates But he is more interested in revenge than money, primarily for his former boss Klaus Kinski.

Now in a nice LBX English language dubbed version! Klaus Kinski and Antonio Sabato star. B Getting Even 89 aka: La vendetta Yet another film with this title. Looks like a lot of people need to deliver some payback! This is an Italian made New York lensed urban crime action trash sleaze from the director of 'Bloody Psycho' and more Leandro Lucchetti.

Just read that last line fast! This is the uncut version from Japanese tape so although English, there are Japanese subs and fogged pubes in some of the nastier scenes. When a Viet Nam vet Harrison Muller in his last film is put back into service to track down a psychotic killer who is cutting up hookers with a ceremonial knife by his former CO who is now a New York city police detective they suspect the killer may be one of their platoon members.

There are snips and bits that are more violent then other versions. Pure bloody battle and action 'Rambo' stuff.. Richard Roundtree, George Ardisson and more star. H Great Gang War, The 69 aka: 5 figli di cane aka: Bootleggers A group of gangsters escape from prison and attempt to destroy a rival organisation holed up in a convent in Mexico…. A sexy but deadly woman, joins the Communists and helps to fight against the Nazi takeover Well, that is the Tagline. Dark and downbeat.

The Shaolin Temple has sent a warrior to murder a traitor who caused the death of many compatriots. Bruce Lee costar James Tien makes a memorable turn as the main villain. Uses many themes used in the blood -soaked Woo films. The last twenty minutes are golden. Above average martial arts mayhem not to be missed. LBX and English dubbed. H Hired Gun, The 75 aka: Der Gorilla aka: Profession garde du corps Young Marco Sartori Fabio Testi an undercover police officer, gets the job as the bodyguard of a shady underworld guy who is being blackmailed by some dangerous criminals.

He becomes caught up in a kidnapping plot with his boss and his wacko brother! Decoy, subterfuge, tied together with spectacular car chases French Connection inspired fist -fights, and more. A nice and violent Italian crime film here. With the menacing looking Al Lettieri he comes to a bloody end here.

Majestyk' in This would be his last action film, he died from a heart attack at age 47 the same year. LBX and F. H76 Huk! This place is no longer stable, let alone safe! The family there wants to hold it off from the rebellion and plan to stay. The action scenes are spectacular. The Filipinos extras really threw themselves into their roles with reckless abandon! The scenes where the canoes are heading toward the ferry transporting civilians to safety Also with Mona Freeman.

H95 Hunt the Man Down 50 aka: Seven Witnesses After finally getting their man after twelve years in an unsolved murder case, the hunt for the seven witnesses becomes the next problem for the prosecutors, who have only five days to present them to a jury or they will lose the conviction.

This movie is chock full of bloody battles, be it groups, or man to man combat in varying outdoor terrains. The final battle between clan leaders is amazing. English dubbed. H36 Jaws of Death 77 Documentary adventure with amazing photography. A group of researchers attempt to communicate, film and swim with killer whales in Alert Bay. A pretty cool large squid, sharks and more in excellent underwater scenes.

Not to be confused with 'Mako: Jaws of Death'. The first martial arts film? The fight scenes are some of the worst you will see in any kung fu movie, ever. Which pretty much makes it a curio, and yet also an interesting precursor, albeit a bad one, of the evolution of the martial arts film.

He has done his time, and he is the only one alive that knows where the stolen loot is hidden. He finds his loot is not as easy to retrieve, and needs to tunnel it out from where he buried it under a tree. A ruthless detective, familiar with Thierry from fifteen years back, doesn't think justice was served.

He is watching Thierry, along with his equally nasty partner, a man obsessed with abusing little girls. Bibi Andersson is the girl torn between her boyfriend and her new lover, the married older man Max Von Sydow. This is uncharacteristic behavior for the girl, but she can't help it. Her boyfriend catches her. She reacts: 'Don't hit me. Or hit me. You of all people have the right to'. He cries and falls to her feet. This is one of the reasons she is having sex with Max.

Her boyfriend is pathetic and weak. She on the other hand, is disgusted with herself. Artistic, passion -filled drama with interesting shots, and an unusual ending. H Money Jungle, The 67 aka: La giungla del denaro Geologists from five different industrial companies are murdered. A trouble -shooter is hired and he finds himself in a deadly crime conspiracy. The prize is one particular field that will be leased to a private industry by the state.

The killers are the ones who are out to get the lease for themselves. Of course. Yet another forgotten obscurity. Cobb , motivated by revenge as Clark ordered a hit on a friend of Nick's who is now deceased. This ends up being even more of a detailed plot than the overrated 'The Sting' film with those two American actors Newman and Redford. Action with style and gusto directed by Fernando Di Leo, a real pro with this stuff.

Not as sharp of a picture as usual, but still pretty good, and dubbed into English language as well. B Octopus, The 98 aka: Le poulpe A seedy private detective that acts a lot like a gangster is known as 'The Octopus'.

He's out collecting money, sometimes forcibly. But someone is killing the people he is collecting from and it seems a conspiracy is afoot! He will have to call in his sidekick Pedro! The bright spot in his life is his hot bisexual girlfriend Cheryl Clotilde Courau, who spends most of the film either naked or in skimpy clothes!

Sordid sex, action and comedic bits, marinated in booze and sweat. These neighborhood extortionists are also killers. Ten year old Billy has witnessed them murdering a local Italian restaurant owner. Now the gang is trying to snuff out little Billy as well. Luckily, Cotton is on the case. Who is the kingpin of this organization? Lonnie Dennis Weaver is upset because his wife is tramping around with another man.

A car chase ensues, a wreck, now a dead wife! Four years later Lonnie gets out of prison, but now his children are missing! Seems like people keep passing them off to other people! Time to roll! Lonnie scores with a sexy waitress sultry Sheree North during his adventure, runs across a young Donna Mills more than once, talks to local mechanic Slim Pickens and eventually has a gun to Don Stroud's head!

Will he find his missing boys? Also with Jimmy Dean, Agnes Moorehead and more. H96 Sailor from Gibraltar, The 67 aka: Il marinaio del Gibilterra This film is a showcase for Jeanne Moreau, who plays a wealthy woman searching through sailing the world over for a sailor she was once in love with. A drifting bored Brit played by Ian Bannen hooks up with Moreau, after ditching his clingy girlfriend Vanessa Redgrave. The heat is on, fireworks ensue. Maybe she has found what she was looking for all along?

This is an odd and sometimes pretentious mix of ramblings and ideas from arty people, but also well photographed, dreamy and hypnotic at times as well. Orson Welles, John Hurt and more star. Surreal and engaging Hungarian film with conversations on existentialism and philosophy, nudity and sexual situations, pretty cool and out of control outdoor photography with helicopters and explosions, even a guy on fire in the climax if you can figure out why.

Interesting, maybe confusing, but the visuals are pretty mind -blowing as we try to decipher the mind of director Miklos Jancso most famous of Hungarian directors and writer Gyula Hernadi. B Seven Times Seven 68 aka: Sette volte sette Watch what happens when a group of prison inmates escape and infiltrate the Royal Mint to print their own cash!

The catch is, their plan has them sneak back into prison and pretend like they were never gone in the first place! The last five minutes is worth the price of admission alone.

Dubbed into English language. Enter local physician Dr. Matthew Tregaskis James Franciscus who is trying to clear a local youth of a murder charge, and comes up against the evil sheriff. She had a brief career, dead at 35 in after a drunk diver wrecked into her car, ejecting her onto the road head first, coma, then death. B Shock Troops 67 aka: 1 homme de trop French resistance fighters in WW2 attack a German police station to liberate some of the prisoners, fellow resistance fighters.

Once liberated and back at camp, they realize that one of their numbers is not with the group, and suspect he is a spy. They decide to shoot him, and off into the woods with his assassin he goes. He convinces his assassin to let him go. Later, he sees the Germans have the fighters surrounded. A real cool guy, he goes back to warn them before all battle hell breaks loose. Excellent and violent practically forgotten war film.

The last scene is on an iron bridge over a mountain gorge. Two crime families battle for supremacy. One group is ironically dedicated to the Virgin Mother, despite their criminal inclinations. The other group operates out of a Salvation Army soup kitchen. When a wily Sicilian arrives on the scene Hilarious colorful gangster stuff, with comedy gags galore.

Ornella Muti and many more star. Totally worth it. The outdoors scenes of this picture were filmed in the Karakoram region of the Himalayas at altitudes ranging up to 24, feet. The ritual dances were filmed at the Buddhist Monastery of Lamayuru. This ends up being like a lower rent version of 'Lost Horizon'.

Quite an adventure tale. Hi -Yah! Exploding ninjas! Incoherent plotlines! Patchwork editing! In other words, lots of fun for the 'bad kung fu' movie fan! While most of the ninja's are dressed in black English Dubbed. H51 Ticket to Die, A 66 aka: Agente Segreto - Invito ad uccidere A top secret organization is after Lewis Jordan ex-secret agent played by Tiziano Cortini after they learn he has potential control of a formula that could lead to a nuclear disaster.

Low on dough and canned for health problems Jordan plans on selling the formula, once he figures it out. This one skips the camp, and is a bit higher on seriousness. Also with Helene Chanel and Claudie Lange. Good action, and cold-hearted at times. What an adventure! Mauro Minacci. Claudia Colli is feeling hopeful. Quartetto cetra: donna. Momenti di una bella e serena serata. Carnevale di Trobaso - Pomeriggio al Circolo di Trobaso. Carnevale al Circolo di Trobaso - Veglia Danzante.

Serata Danzante al Circolo Arci di Trobaso. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in the original published key. Hamblen, Stuart. Easy Piano. Piano Notion. Piano Solo. Be Still, My Soul. Sibelius, Jean. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [easy]. Hal Leonard Music Publishing.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Italian Graffiti on Discogs. Label: MCA Records - P • Series: MCA Special • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Reissue • Country: Japan • Genre: Jazz, Latin • Style: Smooth Jazz, Easy Listening, Latin Jazz.

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  1. Visualizza riconoscimenti, recensioni, tracks e compra questa la Vinylpubblicazione di Italian Graffiti su Discogs.5/5(1).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Susan Dei Marinai on Discogs. Label: Rifi - RFN NP • Format: Vinyl 7 Michele - Susan Dei Marinai (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(7).
  3. Explore releases from the Italian Graffiti label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Italian Graffiti releases. Vinyl and CD 1 – 49 of Prev; 1; Next; Jump to; Genre. Show. Cat# Artist Title (Format) Label Cat# Country Year; Various: Italian Graffiti 3 ‎ (LP, Comp) Fonit Cetra: PL Italy:
  4. Susan dei marinai ~ Release group by Michele. Overview; Aliases; Tags; Details; Edit; Album + Compilation. Release Format Tracks Country/Date Label Catalog# Barcode; Official; Susan dei marinai: CD: IT ; Replay Music (Italian compilations/reissues) Release group information Artist: Michele Type: Album + Compilation Rating.
  5. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Susan Dei Marinai - Michele on AllMusic -
  6. Jul 27,  · "Susan dei marinai"è una ballata che coinvolge subito il pubblico: come racconta lo stesso Michele il testo è stato scritto da Fabrizio De Andrè. Non .
  7. Dec 03,  · Album 34 nummers van Julio Iglesias - Duration: Jean Stassen Recommended for you. Michele - Susan Dei Marinai () - Duration: notedeltempo 13, views.
  8. A lovey, light, happy album that was one to get lost in time. This album brings elements of rock, jazz and pop from the 50s and 60s. Theses a great song writing on here and great melodies from different instruments. Its full very sweet songs that sound like they could be offered later unreleased Frank Sinatra album.

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