Penny - Joe Stampley - The ABC Collection (Vinyl, LP)

These are big turn offs. May have magic marker writing on the cover but still if they are in huge letters, it is a big turn off. In essence, the cover will looked virtually trashed, but some artwork will still be noticed. If the artwork is worn, it is POOR and the cover is worthless. This album does have a cutout notch. The song titles on this album include: 1. Dallas Alice 2. Backtrackin' 4.

Try A Little Tenderness 5. Unfortunately, the coupling of "Glenda" and "We're Through" stiffed, although being on the same label as Fats Domino and Ricky Nelson made him a minor local celebrity. Never giving up, the aspiring singer landed another one-shot single on Chess Records in , but his lone recording for the Chicago based outfit "Creation of Love" paired with "Teenage Picnic" fared no better.

Fortunately, a chance meeting at a local dance would lead to bigger things. Speaking with great affection, Stampley recalled how he joined the band that made him a star. Some of the kids said, 'Hey, you ought to get Joe up to sing a song or two with you.

However, the band's dreams were bigger than the Ark-La-Tex sock hop circuit. They knew if they were to ever establish a national reputation, they needed a hit record. I'll record that song and one more. I remember well, it was Paula record They had this woman's cameo head as the logo—that was Stan Lewis' wife, her name was Paula. Although it only hit number 66 nationally, the recording of "Not Too Long Ago" sold several hundred thousand copies throughout the Southwest, establishing both the Paula label and Stampley's band.

At that same session, the Uniques backed another hit—Nat Stuckey's "Sweet Thang," which rose to number four on the country charts. The band's follow-up was Stampley's self-penned "All These Things," which barely scraped into the national Hot , but was re-crafted into a major country hit years later. Asked about the appeal of the Uniques and their sound, Stampley laughed. However, as pop music made the transition from the danceable go-go sounds of the early to mids to the psychedelic stylings of the late s, the band's appeal diminished.

Eventually, the members began to develop interests that would keep them closer to home, while Stampley still nurtured dreams of stardom.

After their record flopped, the Uniques quietly disbanded, but Stampley's career eventually caught fire. East coast Rap. Others US Rap. French Rap. International Rap. Hip Hop Movies. Other Electro. European Movies. TV Shows. Sound Library. World Music.

African Traditional. Indian Ocean. Others South American Traditional. West Indies. Visual Kei. Shibuya Kei. Sound Tracks. Others Countries.

Old Music. Ancient Music. Various Items. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Archived from the original on Retrieved October 27, Genre Country. Track Listing.

All These Things. Naomi Neville. Arthur Alexander. Do You Ever Fool Around. Whiskey Chasin'. Roll on Big Mama. Michel Legrand will compose the score for "Summer of '42" for Warner Bros. Product is from Equipe with whom Tangerine has a distribution deal in the U. Don Ellis has added strings, a woodwind quartet and brass quintet to his band. The string quartet two violins, viola, cello will be miked accoustically and sometimes with contact mikes.

Steed's Andy Kim is scheduled to return to the U. Bichel also has com- posed the original score, the first in Vivas Arts Films' series, "Cinearts. United Artists' Sugarloaf is planting a tree at each performance it plays as a contribution to the environment.

Brett Kennedy of Pathway Music, Inc. Bell has written many hits for the Delfonics, whom he produced, and other acts. Mercury's Exuma will tour the Bahamas for one week beginning Saturday Bob Wyld will re- cord the group's next LP next month.

Loeb will sign acts on behalf of Ivan Petch, president of the company which books attrac- tions for concerts. League Clubs and TV. Jerry Lewis is the first artist signed by Loeb. The Australian booking marks Lewis' first appearance Down Under.

Loeb plans to sign other acts that have never played Australia. On the domestic front, he has been retained for the 14th con- secutive year as talent consultan' for the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, April Loeb will use 10 acts during the show at the Fairgrounds Swing Auditorium.

Fireplace Productions, Inc. Send today or brochure and price list. Copy negatives and captions extra. Bobby Boyd, independent pro- ducer, has activated his Watonga Publishing Co. Frederic B. Gershon will lecture to a seminar of West Coast attorneys, Feb. A May release is planned for her next Metromedia album cut in Muscle Shoals. ABC's B. Lynn Kellogg, formerly in "Hair," and Edward G. Brown Associates have formed Kellanwill-Brown, Inc. Appearing with Franchi is Fat Cooper. Davis previously appeared in Las Vegas with Nancy Sinatra in her night club bow at the Inter- national.

Brick Huston has joined the Sahara staff as assistant entertainment coordi- nator. The Grateful Dead is set for a Syndrome appearance March Oscar Peter- son will appear at the London House three weeks starting Feb. Glen Covington, singer- pianist, was at Mister Kelly's two weeks in January. Roberta Flack started a two-week engage- ment at Mister Kelly's Jan.

Jim Tar- bell, club owner, complained that the high fees demanded by the top rock acts made profitable operation impossible in small clubs. A voice performance of Rossini's "Stabat Mater," his first major composition after the smash suc- cess with his opera "William Tell. Record pro- motioneer Julie Godsey, formerly with Main Line. Cleveland, and now free-lancing in this area, plans to expand her operation to cover Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Based on the Symphony's re- cent successful day-I9-perform- ance tour of Europe's music capi- tals, the specials are under the di- rection of Resident Conductor Erich Kunzel and narrated by Met Opera star Roberta Peters. The one-hour special will be re- peated Sunday, Feb. The third of the three-part series will be pre- sented Easter Sunday.

The musicians played their own arrangements for the latest Muzak series of tapes, which will shortly be sent out to its franchisees around the world. On that date the Schwann Record Catalog is re-born with new content and a new name The new Schwann recognizes 8-track cartridge and cassette as permanent among forms of recorded music, and establishes Schwann as the bible that has changed with the times.

With the new format Schwann is reaffirmed as the medium to mfluence important dealers and retail customers in the record and tape field. In establishing a new show- room policy of country enter- tainment, ihe Landmark has broken Strip tradition.

He feels the success of the Land- mark's country attractions is a sign of the times rather than a result of the Landmark's large junket business, and somewhat lower price structure. In recent months, a continu- ing number of country-oriented attractions have played Las Vegas.

Pre- viously country acts were con- fined to the downtown lower priced Casino Center area, with the top acts playing the Fre- mont. Continued on page 50 ft rr Very Apropos for the Moon Shot! Box Silver Springs, Md. Alan Price to Warner Bros. Louis, slated for June release. The Atomic Rooster, British group, signed with Elektra. Lofton Kline to Soundville Records of Houston. The Curtom Records artist offered his views through music much the same way George Bernard Shaw offered his social commentary through the theater.

The singer- writer-guitarist sang with high-pitched emotion, moving his audience and teaching his audience at the same time. Cass Elliot, may have been the obvious attraction on this strong bill, but Livingston Taylor, once known as James' brother, clarified his individuality with a rich, refreshing voice, high spirits and a dash of teenage daffiness. Overflowing with youthful en- ergy, "Liv" struck in fits and spurts, pumping the same muscle and cheer into every number, but putting together something sub- stantial with "In My Reply," "If I Needed Someone" and "Carolina Day.

Yet the Capri- corn artist came into stage already having won the deep affection of his audience, who loved his crisp, positive voice and his collegiate cavorts between songs with bass Walter Robinson. So young a star to be in such command of so many fans, "Liv" showed mood and sentiment with his versions of "Dixie" and "Over the Rainbow," and in a short time he should be singing for his peers the way brother James calms the Pepsi gen- eration. But without much stage presence, plus creeping familiarity, the album will do.

Odetta, on the other hand, now on Polydor, read new excite- ment into "Take Me to the Pilot" and "Give a Damn," breathing new opportunity into her career. Ry Coodcr, who's been touring with the Captain, had a good and varied set, singing basically country style blues.

Part of the difficulty with Beef- heart, whose name is Don Van Vliet, is his serious visage and the unit's high musicianship, while some of the activities, such as some of the lyrics border on the ludi- crous, as do reported names of the group, including guitarists Zoot Horn Rollo and Winged Eel Fingerling, drummer Drumbo and percussionist Ed Marimba. Bass guitarist Rockette Morton had a long solo in the opening number and it was a good one.

As for Beefheart, the Straight Rec- ords artist displayed his strange voice and also played soprano saxophone. On the latter, he was unafraid of losing his audience with a form of avant-garde jazz. Cooder was equally adept on electric and acoustic guitar. More should be heard from him in the future as he further develops his act. He shifted with ease from smooth ballads to solid rhythm items in a tightly knit show that never lagged.

His voice is rich and clear and he was at his best with his warm treatments of "Till," "Something" and a medley of Italian favorites. Vale kept his chats with the audience at a mini- mum, and invited a sing-along with his closer "Everything Is Beautiful. Unusual in that it seems to lack either the inclina- tion or the expertise to tap the full potential of the musical acumen it so obviously has. Instead, the group which opened at the Village Gate, Jan. As a result much of its unique- ness — Scottish bagpipes adapted to rock not withstanding — and in- herent appeal is lost, and audience reaction deteriorates from what could have been enthusiasm to cool, almost nonchalant accept- ance.

The tenor saxo- phonist is welt into a multi-hued form of jazz, combining the warmth and lyricism of ballads with the urgent dynamics of avant- garde, the cacophony of rock 'n' roll and the gimmickery of tape delay equipment. None of this is bad. His sound is interesting. Especially when he hooks up his tape echo delay machine and notes cascade out into the air, falling on each other working in a duet fashion, ringing into the night.

Klemmer's band has been together nearly eight months and consists of sympa- thetic ears Tom Garvin, piano; Reggie Johnson, bass; Oscar Brashear, trumpet, and John Dentz, drums. Brashear's free flights of improvisation are well defined and come in soft hues and hard, harsh strident tones. Campus Talent Buyers from. Ad Deadline: FEB. We have more to tell you. College Radio has accomplished a great deal more in its year history than just being daring enough to play "Je Taime.

College Radio is providing a tremendous service not only to the communications media in general, but also to the millions of college students across the country that turn to Harlem Group To Tour Colleges NEW YORK — The Al Fan Theatrical Ensemble, a Harlem- based organization consisting of 25 young actors, singers and dancers, will take its original musical revue, "Masks in Brown.

Cities to be visted include Knoxville. College stations vary in size, budget and staff to the same de- gree that commercial stations do.

But whether it be the big commercial FM station at an Ivy League school in the North- east, or the little carrier current AM station at a Midwest bible college, all College Radio sta- tions share the distinction that they are operated and some- times even owned , in varying degrees, by students.

The bulk of college radio's day to day programming re- volves around music. Because most college stations are small and have a very limited and well-defined audience, it is pos- sible for campus stations to very accurately canvass their listeners for musical preferences, which are then reincorporated into the programming format. The original field was over 60 artists. The selec- tion of artists was based on lack of previous exposure to the col- lege market and the NEC con- vention; originality and talent; special price reductions offered to the convention delegates; and a presentation of a balance of the different types of attractions.

Six acts will be presented at each of the four showcases. Its manager. Richard Sherman, says the store serves the students from Tulane University and the local community of the city. Records are sold at general discount prices and much of the help comes from students. A portion of the month's profits from the store go to some community project. The store also has a small "library," in which the customers can sit and read the latest underground papers and listen to music.

The 10 best selling records at Configurations are; 1. Each piece of music is given consideration on its own merits, and in general, if it is good, it will be played im- mediately. Hence, the reputation of college radio as being the place to "break" new material; the proving ground of the music industry, if you will.

College underground stations, for example, are really in the vanguard of progressive music in this country, partially because they do not have the large corporate fears about playing questionable material such as "A Night at Santa Rita" or John Lennon 's "Working Class Hero. Though there is an increasing number of educational FM col- lege stations, the vast majority of the stations in the United States still operate on the limit- ed broadcast, campus "carrier current" AM operation, and hence, the large majority of col- lege radio stations are, to vary- ing degrees, "commercial," in the sense that they accept ad- vertising.

As a result, several agencies have developed which specialize only in the college radio market. Organizations and "networks" have developed whose members are exclusively college radio sta- tions, the largest ones being the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Sys- tem, and the IVY Network. Plans are even being developed to form a permanent, news and programming sharing network Continued on page 50 Roberta Flack, Atlantic record- ing artist, appears at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Monday g ; and Delta College, University Center, Mich.

Spartanburg, S. Lexington, Va. Rod Kennedy, president of the sponsoring Longhorn Jazz Festival, named Dick Goodwin, University of Texas Jazz Ensem- ble founder-director, to serve as the festival's director, and Good- win has extended festival invita- tions to more than a half dozen outstanding collegiate jazz groups in the Southwest.

It was also announced by Kennedy that his festival has been selected as one of seven U. What's Happening So many people have written in requesting the list of people to contact at record companies for campus radio station record service. I thought it would be beneficial to reprint the list. Please note the updates. Hollywood, Calif. Los Angeles, Calif. South Nashville, Tenn. Vine St. Mercury president Irwin Steinberg told the group of radio and recording industry delegates that un- less more blacks receive college training he does not see how their position can be improved.

WLS general manager Gene Taylor said the Federal Communi- cations Commission guidelines on hiring minorities was "the kick in the pants we needed — it started us training people and we might not have ever done it otherwise.

Bill Leaner, United Distributors, urged the updating of training of black people working in the record distributor stockroom. Most Top 40's have emasculated the personality deejay. WYNE-Apple- ton. Liberty-UA regional manager Joe Cerami told the audience radio record service has been abused, that many sta- tion copies end up at the deejay's home or are not aired. Margareta S. Sudbrink, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Key staffers have been notified that their services will end Feb.

James Taszerak has been named new FM general man- ager here. Speaking here last week before a meeting of the Alabama Broadcasters Associa- tion, Tannen said that at most radio meetings "the program speakers reflect management's basic concern with sales. Ad- vertising people and clients dom- inate the rostrum.

Rarely is any- one from the record industry invited to speak. Yet, the more you know about programming music, the better station you'll have. More audience means more sales. Black listeners are more loyal than white listeners and they tend to be faithful. We never lost the listeners to pro- gressive rock stations that the pop stations did. Because pop stations are hiring more and more black personalities, soul stations will have to also be- come integrated, as some of them already have.

WDAS is an integrated station, he pointed out. We try to keep the troops together. My philosophy on management is that the things I didn't like done to me, I don't do to others, and I feel I should give the glory to the guys. We definitely do not believe in taking the personality out of radio.

WDAS plays 40 records. The station is softer at midday than at night. But, Taylor said, that in spite of a short playlist the station was able to break the Osmonds hit and it was No. Three oldies are played per hour on the philosophy that they were hits. But Taylor pointed out that these must be hits oriented to the market and that "if a record has been in the top 10 on our playlist, we consider it a hit. But a lot of whites also listen to WDAS. Our station does have the highest share of black audience of any major market station outside of WOL in Washington," Taylor said.

Air personalities of WDAS pull their own records because Taylor felt that "I don't be- lieve that anybody should pro- gram what the deejays are go- ing to play. You have to give some control to the deejay; I feel everything — the weather, the world situation — has a bear- ing on the music played and only the air personality doing the show can fully adjust to this factor.

But the station is more than just the music; WDAS strongly Continued on page 41 two industries are too interde- pendent to have contact only at the least responsible level. Eighty percent of the product is music, in most cases. But the responsi- bility for the selection of music is generally turned over to the station's least knowledgeable per- sonnel.

Mar- garet Cooper, who'll be in charge of programming. Cooper of Gulfport, Miss. The station's primary sig- nal will cover Biloxi and Pasca- goula.

Some of the syndicated programs will include "Back to the Bible," and "Moody Pre- sents. The station is now playing four oldies in a row, then back announcing. For a while, previously, air personali- ties had been live; station is now automated. Casey's distinctive voice, style and approach to pop music is what has made American Top 40 the hottest syndicated music show on radio. A tried and tested programming device becomes an absorbing, fast-paced, captivating documentary on American music.

And it's this station support and promotion of American Top 40 that has helped to bring the program so far so fast.

So here's fifty-two important reasons : as of January I, 2. LOUIS October-November ARB, we love you.

Label: Young - • Format: Vinyl LP, Album, Compilation, Stereo • Country: Brazil • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk Rock, Country Rock Joe Stampley ‎– Greatest Hits Add to Collection Add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist. Marketplace.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of The ABC Collection on Discogs. Label: ABC Records - AC/2 • Series: The ABC Collection • Format: 2x, Vinyl LP, Compilation • Country: US • Genre: Folk, World, & Country • Joe Stampley ‎– The ABC Collection3/5(1).
  2. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Penny on Discogs. Label: Goldies 45 - P • Format: Vinyl 7. Joe Stampley ‎– Penny Label: Goldies 45 ‎– P ℗ ABC Records, Inc. From the LP "All these things" Published By Colgems-EMI Music Corp.
  3. The ABC Collection Double LP. Joe Stampley Format: Vinyl. See all 5 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Vinyl, Double LP "Please retry" — $ $ Vinyl from $ 1 Used from $ 1 New from $ 1 Collectible from $
  4. ABC COLLECTION [LP VINYL] Joe Stampley Format: Vinyl. See all 6 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Vinyl, Double LP "Please retry" — $ $ Vinyl .
  5. Joe Stampley ‎– The ABC Collection. 2 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation. ABC Records ‎– AC/2. The ABC Collection –. B6 How Lucky Can One Man Be Folk, World, & Seller Rating: % positive.
  6. - ABC COLLECTION LP (VINYL) US ABC - Music. Skip to main content Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Try Prime Cart. CDs & Vinyl Go Search Hello Select your Amazon's Joe Stampley Store.
  7. JOE STAMPLEY Vinyl Records and CDs American country singer / songwriter, born June 6, in Springhill, Louisiana. Joe Stampley Discography Price Guide Recently Listed Email Alerts.

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