Novi Svet - Various - Slovenian Metal Vol. 1 (CD)

Six researched locations are situated in the mining area of the municipality Novo Brdo, in the south-eastern part of Kosovo.

Central place to this municipality is the Novo Brdo mine, which is rich in lead, zinc, silver and gold minerals 16 , Areas of investigated natural spring waters QGIS 3. Geology of the study area is heterogeneous comprising a diverse lithostratigraphic units that formed within the period between the Early Paleozoic and Tertiary.

Regarding geotectonic setting, the study area is a part of the Western Vardar zone VZ , whereas some localities included in this work, are placed at the immediate border of the VZ with the Kopaonik block ridge and the Drina-Ivanjica unit, a tectonic element of Dinarids 18 , The youngest products are Neogene and Quaternary sediments and Cenozoic magmatic rocks. The former deposited in the Kosovo basin and in valleys of long rivers, such as the River Ibar.

Cenozoic magmatic suite is associated with numerous Pb—Zn—Ag deposits and occurrences, as in the case of the Belo Brdo ore field.

Metamorphic rocks in Belo Brdo include: gneisses, amphibolites, quartz-mica and amphibolite schists, and marbles The recognized tectonic structures are synclines, anticlines and trench-synclines, among the folded ones, and thrust sheets and faults. Regional geology had the influence to spatial distribution of groundwater. High diversity of lithostratigraphic units in the area of interest, as has been mentioned, led to variously distributed aquifers depending on the rock porosity.

Though, fissure aquifers developed in metamorphic and volcanic rocks serpentinites, quartzlatites, basalts, etc. The rest of springs are localized in volcanic and metamorphic rocks in the Kopaonik Mts. Although is the almost whole territory of the municipality Novo Brdo built by igneous rocks, cataclased gneiss-granite and serpentinized peridotites, the natural water emerges within the less abundant rock types: quartzite, marble, biotite gneisses and sericite—chlorite schists Sampling water at 15 measuring sites was done in spring April and May and autumn September and October Preceded by tracking seasonal parameters, in order to avoid large variations in the concentration of the investigated elements, sampling was conducted once per month.

At the very beginning of the study, the water temperature and pH value were measured following the recommendations rules from Policy book of the Republic of Serbia Water was sampled in 1.

One bottle was meant for chemical analysis, while the second was intended for radiological analysis. The bottles were closed and marked the exact time, date and place of sampling. Water samples for this analysis were stabilized by the addition of 1. For radological analysis bottles were filled by a thin jet of water up to the top, by which stirring of liquid should be avoided in the bottle, release of radon from the water and its accumulation in the free space under the cap, so they were closed immediately.

Also, it is necessary that the time elapsed from bottling to measuring to be as short as it possible Analysis of heavy metals in water was conducted at the Faculty of Chemistry, University of Belgrade.

The applied reagents were of the analytical purity Merck, Darmstadt, Germany. Working solutions were prepared from stock solutions immediately before the analyses. To prepare calibration solutions for inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry ICP-OES were used two plasma standard solutions. The analytical process quality control performed by EPA Methods The inside of the RAD7 device consists of a semi-sphere of 0. Their presence is reflected in the form of electric signals, whose intensity is proportional to the energies of detected alpha-particles.

The RAD H 2 O method employs closed loop aeration scheme whereby the air volume and water volume are constant and independent of the flow rate. The air is recirculated through the water and continuously extracts the radon until a state of equilibrium develops. Before every measuring the detector must be freed from the remaining radon, and also dry, which is achieved by blowing the air through the instrument Statistical analysis of results were done in the program packages Excel Microsoft Office and Statistica 8.

Descriptive statistic and graph representation of results were done by using Excel. Pearson's correlation coefficient for the examined elements, as well as the multivariate cluster analysis of the springs with dendrogram, were determined in Statistica 8. The spatial distribution of heavy metals was mapped using Surfer Supplementary Table 1A also presents their minimal, maximal and mean values for all samples.

Negative values mean that these elements are practically non-existent the concentration is less than 0. The calculated average values differ depending on the researched measuring site of sampling.

Based on these results, it is concluded that the values of analysed contents of heavy metals in some cases exceed the values given by the EU Directive 26 and related to the Policy book of the Republic of Serbia 21 , 27 and to the Policy about the quality and other requests for natural, mineral and table water This content can be expected, as a consequence of the vicinity of the mine whose beddings contain a significant part of primary oxide minerals Fe, Pb and As and secondary minerals with a certain part of presence, such as Ni, which is in accordance with data presented in literature 30 , 31 , In the municipality of Novo Brdo the concentration of examined metals was within the prescribed values, which can be explained by the bigger distance from the tailing pond and the source of pollution.

During the sampling, pH values were measured, ranging from 6. Intake of toxic elements, especially their high concentration levels in drinking water, can have a harmful effect on human health. Risk assessment, which components are the hazard and exposure, is the proceeding of evaluating the probability of any probable adverse health effects occurrence over a defined period of time. The health risk assessment of each potentially toxic metal is based on the quantification of the risk and is defined as carcinogenic KR or non- carcinogenic health risk NKR.

Two main toxicity risk factors for risk estimating are the slope factor SF for carcinogen risk and the reference dose RfD for non-carcinogen risk A slope factor SF is an upper bound on the increased cancer risk from a lifetime exposure to an agent by ingestion.

On early November , at the time of conflicts of Romani people and skinheads in Belgrade, the band's performance at the Belgrade Studentski kulturni centar was nearly canceled, because band was accused, by the state media, for spreading hatred and racism. Cover of this issue was awarded the title of the best rock cover design in Due to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia , the band had to return to the country and wait for eight months for the album mastering and record releasing.

In , the band released their first live album Exist To Resist , recorded on the Spring of at the Belgrade Studentski kulturni centar. The album brought a slight stylistic change in the band sound, bringing negative reactions from both the fans and critics, resulting the band not performing the songs from the album on their live appearances.

In June , the band released its seventh studio and tenth official release, Paralelni svet Parallel World. Force Of Desire IIi. Sunrise On St. Jump Forward: 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Search Type Keywords. Department Wall Art. Product All. Stationery Greeting Cards Notebooks. Originals Original Artwork for Sale. Medium All. Collection All. Subject Slovenia. All Artwork View All Subjects. Shape All. A Commedia was performed in Ljubljana in , and an opera in in the family palace of the Auerspergs.

Beginning in , German theatre companies arrived and became very popular. The formation of the Philharmonische Gesellschaft was important because it was one of the first such orchestras in Central Europe. The 19th century saw the growth of a distinctively Slovenian classical music sound based on romanticism , while the German minority continued to push for a stronger Germanic identity.

The Ljubljana opera house was shared by Slovene and German opera companies. In the early 20th century, impressionism was spreading across Slovenia, which soon produced composers Marij Kogoj and Slavko Osterc. Kumar's Sonata z igro 12 A sonata with a play 12 , a set of variations on a rising chromatic scale , is particularly notable. The Ljubljana Opera House serves as the national opera and ballet house.

Rural Harmony singing is a deep rooted tradition in Slovenia, and is at least three-part singing four voices , while in some regions even up to eight-part singing nine voices. Slovenian folk songs, thus, usually resounds soft and harmonious, and are very seldom in minor. Typical Slovenian folk music is performed on Styrian harmonica the oldest type of accordion , fiddle, clarinet, zithers , flute, and by brass bands of alpine type. In eastern Slovenia, fiddle and cimbalon bands are called velike goslarije.

Traditional Slovenian music include various kinds of musical instruments such as:. From on, the Slavko Avsenik 's band began to appear in broadcasts, movies, and concerts all over the West Germany , inventing the original " Oberkrainer " sound that has become the primary vehicle of ethnic musical expression not only in Slovenia, but also in Germany, Austria , Switzerland , and in the Benelux , spawning hundreds of Alpine orchestras in the process.

The band produced nearly original compositions, an integral part of the Slovenian-style polka legacy. Avsenik's most popular instrumental composition is the polka that is titled "Na Golici" in Slovene , or "Trompetenecho" in German , and "Trumpet Echoes" in English.

Oberkrainer music, which the Avsenik Ensemble popularized, is always a strong candidate for pop-folk music awards in Slovenia and Austria. Slavko and his brother, Vilko , are usually credited as the pioneers of Slovenian folk music, having solidified its style in the s.

Many musicians followed Avsenik's steps, one of the most famous being Lojze Slak. A similarly high standing in Slovene culture, like the Sanremo Music Festival has had in Italian culture, was attributed to the coastal Melodies of Sea and Sun In Slovene: Melodije morja in sonca and Slovenian song festival In Slovene: Slovenska popevka , dedicated to a specific genre of popular Slovene music.

Among pop, rock, industrial, and indie musicians the most popular in Slovenia include Laibach , an early s industrial music group, and most recently the Slovenian pop a cappella band Perpetuum Jazzile. More cyber-looking Goths were detected on the second day of the festival. As always people on the street in front of the club were talking and discussing the past shows and expressing their expectations about the last day.

The second day lasted till the late night, but until the morning I did not stay. Their concert would be more interesting than their colleagues on stage. Despite that the second day of the festival was also successful. And it supposed to be shorter than the two previous days. However the doors were opened a little bit later than scheduled. The audience was different, than that on the previous days, because of the performance of the super-known in the Czech Republic XIII.

New people came and not always from the gothic scene, but also rockers and metal-lovers. At first sight it seemed that the club would not be totally full as I predicted before the festival, but over time and just before the performance of the Czech grandees the dancefloor before the stage was completely full and with every passing minute it was harder to move through the crowd.

And then the music began to play and the first group appeared on the stage The first released were out as a demo in and in a debut and at the moment the only full-length album was released. I was present on one of the concerts, where the project made a very positive impression. Previously the project sounded in the style of Gothic Rock with elements of Darkwave and electronic music with clear old-school influences, but not copying the famous popular projects.

Part of the new material Czechs prepared also for the show. Two guitarists, the vocalist-keyboardist and the female vocalist immediately surprised by the high-quality sound and excellent female vocals. There is no live drummer in the group, so drums were replaced by a drum-machine, which was actually an advantage, because two guitarist players with metal background behaviour and appearance were enough.

A very specific mixture of Gothic Rock, Darkwave and Metal with occult background and dark mysterious atmosphere. The vocalist switched to half-growling vocals from time to time, which although was perfectly harmonized with the gothic part of the music. It will be interesting to listen to their new material in studio version.

This band became the main unexpected not by me surprise of PGT. The oldest Czech gothic band was formed in The debut album was released in and the full discography XIII. Also the Czechs performed several times in other countries of the world and at the main Gothic festivals in Europe.

In the Czech Republic they went far beyond the gothic scene becoming interesting for fans of Rock and Metal and only Goths. I have already been to their performances more than once, so I expected them to have a good show now not in the big club and not in front of their regular audience.

At previous concerts XIII. The beginning did not change much this time also, although there were several changes. Their Gothic Rock is not as classic as their old-school colleagues in the world and Europe.

The album was released in two versions, the CD digipack format, released through SKC Novi Sad record label and featuring the bonus track "Daj mi" ("Give Me"), and a free download version at the Exit festival official website. The promotional tour included a performance on Metalcamp festival in Slovenia.

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