Fatal Energy

It goes to show that the wounding dynamic of a specific cartridge and projectile is impossible to properly define in terms of just energy, penetration, or shooting into dead newsprint, much less the inane TKO value. Hunters are still in the dark ages, in large measure, about what the specific wounding possibilities for a specific application really are. Perhaps, with a more scientific approach to things as set forth by Dr. Fackler and Dr.

Kocher before him, we can achieve more meaningful approaches to our hunting tool selections. The relatively modern broadhead arrow, with less KE than a. As Dr. Fackler wrote in , "It is difficult to be optimistic for the future when these weapons developers still use the scientifically discredited "kinetic energy deposit" method to estimate wounding effects. The idolatry of velocity alone greatly misleads, and kinetic energy deposit has been clinically disproved.

Yet muzzle velocity and energy are still used today as the most common guides to attempting to predict wounding performance. Duncan MacPherson's book Bullet Penetration makes it quite clear that damage is done by stress, not energy. Stresses cause damage only if they strain body tissues above their elastic limits. The limitations of tissue simulates newspaper, water, gelatin should be obvious: no circulation, no compressibility as found in living tissue, no way to show bullet interaction with bone, cartilage, sinew, or hide.

Unfortunately, penetration tests conducted by many manufacturers involve the firing of only one bullet. The potential margin of error is obvious; the shortcoming of what they are firing into equally so. The information presented by Dr. Fackler is a great step forward; yet it is a two dimensional look at a three dimensional event. Hunters seem impressed with several of the wrong things, for example the size of an entrance hole and the exit hole, neither of which are lethal, or can possibly begin to portray the extent of internal tissue destruction.

There is a bit of the "collector syndrome" in most of us, yet a recovered bullet alone cannot possibly designate wounding ballistics or define the temporary and permanent wound channels. Despite the tens of millions of game animals killed every year, the lack of competent actual wounding profile data remains appalling.

We do know a few things, however, that are not subject to much speculation or derision. We know that a bullet that expands is better than one that does not, but only if expansion does not result in inadequate penetration.

We know that bullet mass is important, but only in the sense that it can offer a better wound profile meaning a larger, more effective permanent wound cavity. Due to the mutated virus infection, a thin veil of dark energy that seemed to be pulsing with life started to appear within his bloodshot eyes.

It was not only his eyes, but on his face and neck, as well as his body hidden under his combat uniform. After the Evolution Virus infection, which caused his body temperature to rise very rapidly, parts of his body had become red from the rising temperature, and above these reddened parts was dark energy. The newly appeared and weird dark energy did not seem to mix well with the mutated Intermediate Evolution Virus. The parts that the dark energy covered had weaker signs of the virus infection.

The dark energy even began to spread to other parts in an attempt to expel the T-virus infecting the body. One red and the other black.

Among them was the number that showed how much time before the infection was complete. However, the number was quickly reducing. Initially, the infection should have been completed in two hours. Now, the time left before the infection was complete was less than 20 minutes, and continuing to go down. In a situation like this, there was no way Feng Luo would have enough time to get to Storm City and have Lin take care of the virus infection inside his body.

However, at the same time, another system notification was also quickly changing. The only difference was that this number was continuing to increase. Fireball, Earth Spike, Fire Wall, Sea of Fire… Multiple single target or crowd damage energy skills were thrown at the zombie horde, turning the area in front of the horde into a sea of fire, which delayed their advance.

Crying tears of confusion Crying for they don't understand Crying because their young lives Will be taken by their creators' hands. And the gods are watching from lofty places Indifferent to you and me The test is through, the human race destroyed Destroyed by the fatal energy.

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What 4 and 5-star rune type did you guys pick from the reward? I've been holding off on opening it until now. I'm having a hard time deciding between energy and critical rate. My monsters don't really use fatal. I know each person has different needs, but energy and critical rate runes are the primary runes I have most of, and it looks like a tie.

This might help you decide. Here is a direct link to that image for the benefit of mobile users. Feedback Already a direct link?

Aug 30,  · Jerry Falwell Jr., whose tenure as president of Liberty University crashed to an inglorious end this week, always seemed closer in spirit to his defiant, bootlegging grandfather than his Bible.

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  1. Fatal Energy Lyrics: Lies, I can't stand these / Lies anymore / These tells about / A better world / A better world for you and me / Hate, our hate is growing / That's for sure / Future thoughts.
  2. Anthony Officer back on Fatal Energy with his big room hard tech trance sounds. Two tracks on offer here, both with massive amounts of energy and crystal clear production! Get your tech groove on! $ Latest Releases. Pressure. Dark Base. Fatal Energy Records. $ The Realm. Harddance Luv. Fatal Energy Records. $
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  4. Country of origin: Ukraine Location: Melitopol, Zaporizhia Oblast (early); Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia (later) Status: Active Formed in: Genre.
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  6. Of fatal energy Violence, cruel violence, In the minds of all The killer instinct Is still intact It never leaves our minds alone Greed, our greed will Cause us to fall Destroy the land of unborn sons I hear them cry, I hear them call Screaming in desperation Screaming from hunger and pain Scream for relife from this misery Searching for someone to blame.
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  8. Mar 09,  · Kreator - Fatal Energy Album: Extreme Aggression Mille Petrozza: Guitars, Vocals Jörg Trzebiatowski: Guitars Roberto Fioretti: Bass Ventor: Drums.

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