Dress To Impress - Cameron McBride, Phil Harmer - After Dark (CD)

The new home of Mr. Myers will be at; The Spalding, Duluth. Their reception days are Wednesdays in July. Ihe first Of the three tsina. The Samoau commission resumed its sittings t'xlay at iJerlin. A report that the assembly of Crete had voted in favor of the annexation of the island to Gnjece is officially denied. The Parnell commission will adjourn on Fri- day till Juno 1 5.

He slated that Ihe Times had subpoenaed iJrs. General Kelton will act as adjutant-general until poiiitment is made. For some time past The Herald has been in possession of facts which it thought best not to publish until matters reached the desired end.

The papers in the case have been issued, and all that remains to be done is for the new postmaster to execute the necessary bonds and forward them to Washington, when the commission will be issued. The postmaster is G. Mallory, a partner in the real-estate tirm above mentioned.

The location of a postoffice here will be as good news as the people of West Duluth have heard for a long time. I ml au Arguiuent. Mo' re and Jriilin were at once arreet- od on a charge ci prize lighting. UAcoording to Moore's account of the affair the two men were standing at the bar discussing the relative merits of other pugilists, and a difference of opinion arose as to the fighting abilities of Dannie Xeedliam.

Contradiction led to abusive language, and finally Griltiu struck Moore and a rough-and-tumble hght ensued. Chi ;ago, May Detective Robert Bruce, who has been conducting a pri- vate agency in this city, walked into Lieut.

Bruce, who has just returned from a three months' stay in Texas, says that McCormack paid him? Bruce declares that McCormack told him to feign sickness in his office and then send for Dr. Cronin and kill him. Three noted bandits hiive been capture! The postponed excursion given by Secretory Blaine iu honor of Sir Julian Pauncefote, the new liritish minister, took place today.

During the demonstration against the pro- gressist in Uelgra'io last night, one gendarme wais killed, a lieutenant was wounded ard a colonel wa. Two freight trains collided on the Hoc sa- touic railroad, near Hull station, Ct. Anti-Jesuit meetings were held last nigh ; at Ottawa and Montreal.

Meyers was struck by a bolt of lightning wnile preaching at Danville, IJls.. Sunday evening. He turned a complete soioer- sault, and was insensible tor half au hour. By the explosion of a can of coal oil iu Havana, a woman and her two daughU'ts, iiged respectively i. Mormons Kmigrating. Ottawa, Out. Tomorrow the voters will be called upon to decide whether the village shall be bonded iu the sum of a2U,LHXJ for school purposes.

It is a question in which there can be but little dispute. We must have proper school facilities, and it is the duty of every voter to cast his ballot in favor of the bonds.

The school house at West Duluth is only partly tinished, one room out of the four being in use at the present time. The teacher is overrun with scholars and many are unable to attend school for the want of more room. The money will be partly used in finishing up the' interior of this building and furnishing more rooms for immediate use.

The voting takes place at the school house, Oneota, and a full vote should be given. Couucll Proceedings. A special meeting of the village coun- cil was held yesterday morning, at which there were present Messrs. Boyd, Moles Timms and McCollom. Tht" contract with G. Libby for paving Central av- enue was ratified. The assessment roll and warrant for collecting expenses of paving Central avenue was approved and accepted.

The president and recorder were instructed to advertise for bids for grading Second street. A tax of sixty cents per front foot was levied on all property fronting on Second street to defray expenses of improvements. A communication was read from J. Hunter, secretary Grassy Point Land company, asking that e grade be estab- lished on Fairmount avenue, Minnesota avenue and Second street south to Bay front. Same was ordered to be estab- lished. Byrne's saloon license was transferred to Hanson and Larson by request of said parties.

Bills presented by Bradley and Hanford for lumber, M. Doyle for services, passed and ordered paid. Adjournment was had until Saturday night. Turnbjll, of Scotland, Right Grand W orthy Caief Templar, called the convention to oi-der, and upon the call of the roll the fo lowing delegated from abroad respondec : England, Hon.

W Watson, ex-met iljer of parliament' Joseph Ealins, Mrs. Amery, A. Osborne, liev. Price, W. Turn bull; Ireland, John S. Lytle; Denmark. Collins- South Africa, Mr. Theodore Schreiner. Tonight the lotal lodges will unite in giving the delegjites a brilliant tion.

Considerable excitement has Ijeen created Ijy the disappearance of an old man who was known in the city as D Pederson. Pederson came here from Mmneapolis about two weeks ago, and took ujj headquarters at No. Last Wednesdav morn- ing the old gentleman got up fi-om the breakfast table, hurriedlv went out, and has not been seen since. He was a short, stout man, with a heavv black beard plentifuUy streaked with grey and about 60 years old, and is reputed to be worth considerable money.

Saturday morning was the tirst notili- cation the police had that Pederson was missing, and though a vigorous search has been smce instituted no trace of him can be found.

His Minneapolis address is Lake avenue, and Chief Doran telegraphed to this address to see if the old man had returned. In reply he was informed Pederson left there some time ago for Brainerd to sell a farm, but had not been heard from since.

His landlady avers he was a good, christian man, and behaved in a most exemplary manner while at her house. The old gentleman's valise, which he left Ijehind, was examined this morning and found to contain three loaves of bread and a cheap revolver.

Nkw Voek, May J— All of Mrs. Langtry's stage properties and scenery goes undei- the hammer this af- ternoon, and this ij taken by the friends of the Lily to mean that having acquired an ample fortune, she intentls to retire from the boards.

She sails for Europe in a few days and not even her intimates know when she will return. The Crouin luquettt. Cronin met his death, was resumed this morning. The jury comprises Justus Kiilam, Victor N. Sut- tor, R S. Critchell, John H. Van Dusen, H. Hangau and Rudolph Serpent. All are well-known citizens, residing in the extreme southern end of the city, the murdered man having lived in the north.

This geographical distinction was made to avoid suspicion of bias. No evidence of importance beyond that already pub- lished has been given as yet. About 11 o'clock P. Frank Woodruff, the horse thief, was brought before Judge Williamson this morning to plead to the charge of larceny as bailee.

He entered the plea of "not guilty" and was taken back to jail. Cronin 's disappearance. The Birth of Tom Moore. Philadklphia, May A meeting of the trustees of the town of L,akeside was held last nigiit. Crassuel- ler was appointed village attorney, and H M. Myers and E. LitUe a committee to diufi rules bylaws and ordinances. They will retort Monday evening. Alderman Louden is making extensive re- pairs to his house on Fourth street and Fourth avenue west. There was a sharp frost last night and in ihe shadow of Superior street buildings water froze early this morning.

The Hotel Cheltenham Is undergong thorougli renovation under the direction of the new landlord, and is to be made attractive and homelike. A strawberry festival and supper will be given at the Congregational church parlors this evening by the ladies of the church. A large attendance is expected. Clan Stewart, Order of Scottish Clans, vrill participate in the Memorial day exercises slid has ordered a large number of white roles from Chicago.

Members of tlie clan will wiiar ihcni in their liounets until the cemetery is reachi'd, when they will present them to ilie decoration committee, who will place them on the graves as the Uoral offering of the clau. It is said that Mr. Ferryman Charles Winters had a narrow escape from drowning last night.

He fell in the canal and but for the timely assistance of friends would have been carried out by 'ihe current. Ileal estate transfers eratioii lito,30l.

Tflll be out again toniglii iu lull force aud go through the battalion drill. The boles on. The water compaiif is repairing the leaks attention was calknl U'lu yesterday's Herald. Ulce was the organist at the Memoi'ial exeril.

The small Paine mill at Northern Pacfflc Junction burned last night. Tho cause Is s iid to have been sparks from the mill stack imd the loss is unknown. Alex Forin, of Belleville, Ont. He will have his office in Crawford's drug store. A new arrival occurred in the family of Judd Campbell, on Broadway, last night. It IS a daughter. Bruckholtz, of Minneapolis, is registered at the Phillips hotel. Ties are being distributed along the grade of the Duluth Incline railway.

Davis, foreman of the erecting department of the car works, expects his family from Pennsylvania about tlie last of June. He will occupy the house near Grand avenue being built by J. The work of raising the mammoth smoke stack over the battery of six boilers was in progress today. The esti- mated weight of this stack is MX pounds and it has to be lifted to a height of twenty feet before reaching its founda- tion.

The "kid" who was arrested here last night was allowed to go for the third time. He was charged with stealing from a dressmaker in Duluth. He was caught the tirst time by Benson, who left him in charge of the Short Line con- ductor, but the lad managed to slip away and was not caught until he got to West Superior. Here he told such a good story and so strongly protested his innocence that before the detective ar- rived there he had a second time got free.

The Ladies Aid society of the Congre- gational church will meet at the resi- dence of Mrs. Bowne, on Grand avenue— not Central, as erroneously stated in yes- terday's paper. Moore is a great climber. This morning before breakfast he was taking in the beautiful view from the top of the hills back of West Duluth.

He thinks there is a great similarity between this and the scenery around Montreal. Krupps's one-story building on Grand avenue has been rented for a printing office and the old Democrat plant is being removed there.

The Uishitp luyuest, Nkw York, May He found the body well preser-ed. In the chest cavity he found ma ay vital orga'is and also the bram. WojfiPKG, May London, May Ti le Valkyrie was boat ' en by botu the other vessels. A Deckhand Killed. On the steamship Northern Wave last night two deckhands, one of them M. Collins, were ordered to close down hatches for the night. Collins climbed down the companion way and walked squarely into the open fore hatch.

He fell to the bottom of the hold and was so severely injured that he died in an hour. Collins was not drunk at the time as has Ijeen stated, but for the en- tire trip he has apparently been slightly dazed and dull.

No other cause can Ije assigned for the deed as it was his regu- lar work to fasten down hatches and he was fully acquainted with it. Seized Ouvvrnuieut Logs.

Special Government Agent Col. Naff returned last night from the Rainy L. He went there to look up alleged cutting of timber from government land by Canadian woodsmen. He will proceed to look up the choppers without delav. A con- siderable quantity of logs has been cut on this side illegally.

A semaphore is being placi'd on the St. Alexander, of The Paragrapher. Horace S. It is more than probable that the crew for the four-oar event at Minnetonka will be selected from the following mem bers of the Duluth Boat club: D. Burke, H. Mahon, Duncan McLeod, H. Pearson, Fretl Lewis, Capt.

Silvev, R. Crombie, George McKenzie, W. Perry, Thomas Moore. For cheap lots call on Alkx. MacGreook, Room 10 Metropolitan block. Miss Mabel Jenness has arrived iu the city and will lecture tomorrow evening on Physical Culture in the parlors of the Congregational church at 8 o'clock. She brings an unexpected attraction in the shape of a number of new and pretty gowns, which she will wear during the evening, to show the advjintsiges of hor system of dress in relation to physical development.

Harched Out. Howard Lakk, May Smith, en route for Ely, stopped at the St. Louis last night. Green, of Jamestown. Dakota, is registered at the St. He is owner of the finest section of growing wheat in the ,Jim river valley, and is on his way East.

The incorporators and first board of directors are, 1. Fuller, Walter Van Brunt, J. Marvin, W. Perry and Edward E. From the foregoing it will be seen that the Village of Lakeside will soon put ou metropolitan airs. The residents of the village are to Ije ci ugratulated on having a company ir their midst com posed of the alx ve named men, whose tinancial standing is the iHJst.

The fad of thoir having eubscnljed to such au undertaking IB a gu irantee of its suc- cess. By order of ThC's. Owens, C. Our Hat Department. Special Bargains in our Hat Department. Load- ed! Too many Suits, Over- coats and Pants. In Shoes we are Closing Out. Shoes at 75c tm the dtillar. In another i. Munger, as their associates were naturally desirous that as full a board as possible should take part in the shap ing jind inception of the undertaking.

But, at the mayor's request, while still too ill to be present, the members of the commission in the city met by appoint- ment and quietly perfected their organ- ization. Rogers was chosen president of the commission, and will devote henceforth a very large share of his time and attention to the carrying out of its design and instructions..

A room has been assigned to the commis- sion in City Hall and work has been actively begun on the line of the pro- posed terrace drive-way. So quietly, however, has the commis- sion set to work, and with such an in- tentional avoidance of parade of any kintl, that there is perhaps some danger that the city, at large, may fail to realize the vigor with which the work is being pressed, and the value of the immediate results to be attained if the hands of the commission are held up by the public and by the council that represents the city.

The cordial co-operation of the board of public works is promised, and there can be no doubt the council will heartily support the commission as soon as it realizes fully the immediate practical importance to the city of the improve- ments now under way, and the urgency of the public demami for their comple- tion. No representative body can seriously think of leaving any blocks in the way of a benefit to the city, so ob- vious and so extraordinary, and so cheaply to be obtained.

Dara and the team at the company modeled this modern design house on a traditional millinery. For her designs, Dara strives to mix equal parts of her Louisiana upbringing, a rich family heritage stretching back generations, and all of the modern hustle of her adopted home. Quality and timelessness breed longevity in fashion. That quality and the attention to detail are the result of almost a decade of work and effort that began at LSU. She knew college was an important first step, but beyond that, a step towards…what, exactly?

She perused the catalog of majors, but nothing grabbed her attention. There was a reason, though. While working on that first apparel gig, she discovered millinery and decided to further her education. She pursued accessory design classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she was also afforded the opportunity to take a course in operating a small business. Today, she operates the business with her husband, Trent Bailey Cobb, who handles the business, partnership and photography aspects of the company.

For her part, Dara still designs hats and oversees the creative direction of the brand. Colors are as varied as the material combinations she chooses.

Each hat, a unique classic. People care too much about sun coverage, so summer hats will always be a necessity. As for fall, felt-style hats, the colors and silhouettes are always changing. This classic, medium-brimmed fedora is offered in six colors, from ivory to pink, and sports a classic, black knit band.

Other influences find their way into the Evelyn, a medium-brimmed Boater with a strong, squared dome and handsome, moderately stiff brim — also offered in a selection of colors. The Evelyn is finished with a pair of tassels, tucked smartly behind a Boucle band. Over the long history of hat design, each generation has produced unique looks. Hats become a political statement as much as a fashion piece. Lincoln is as identified with the stiff, formal Stove Pipe hats as he is with his beard.

Today is no different, Dara says. Because of this, the Fall shows included smaller, cadet caps, newsboy caps and berets, and other styles to evoke that military-meets-activist style. I knew this going in, but I happen to be 35, and just now happened to get pregnant.

So, in addition to my monthly doctor visits, I was referred to a fetal maternity specialist. But the morning of the appointment, I had what I would call an emotional crash. I had read the brochures. I knew the risk. I never have. I arrived in the parking garage at After navigating the maze of elevators and hallways to the fourth floor, I showed my ID and sat and waited my turn.

Then the tears started. I knew what the specialist was about to tell me could be life-changing. The nurse asked if I needed a chaplain. I almost wish she had slapped me in retaliation, knocked me out of my emotional.

But she just smiled and understood, and thus I cried more. I loathe vulnerability, and no matter how much I fanned, my fears just rained down my face. When I met my husband, I gradually got used to loving someone more than myself. I had four years to get used to that feeling before I accepted it as truth.

When he leaves the house, I worry about his safety. And caring about someone that much makes life matter so much more, makes feeling so much deeper. Hurts hurt more because I care more.

And will I carry it well? All this fear was resting on my mind when the doctor came in. He saw my face and asked if I was okay. He looked like the typical doc, middle-aged, male, the smart looking one in the classroom years ago. It was comforting, sad to say.

He paused, and he slightly smiled. And then he nodded for a long time. I knew why I was there. I knew he had the knowledge to foresee a medical condition.

I also knew the gravity of the type of conditions he was looking for. He looked over the scans, and said her development looked normal at this point, that I would be back in five weeks. I walked the maze back to my car sort of numb. She will be totally reliant on us. I hope she likes me. I hope our best is good enough. I hope I can carry it. This was something that was very important to my parents, and it still is, even though their children are adults with their own families, and likewise, it is very important to Scott and me.

And with all this plotting and planning, I think it has made me become somewhat of a connoisseur of bucket lists. Does that sound strange? I hope not, because I have found, and even encouraged my readers to make a few of their own, that making a bucket list is a sort of fun and informal way of setting goals. So here we are readers, as I like to say, on the cusp of the holiday season, with my favorite time of year staring us in the face.

But, do I really have to recommend making apple cider or burning a fall scented candle? Those are just things we do here in the south, right?

Well, and make sweet tea and gumbo, but you get the picture. Readers, hear me clear, especially those of you with small. Stop and smell the cider…if you would, and pull out the big sheets of cardboard that I know you have left over from the summer bucket list I had you make a few months ago, and make one for the fall.

By the way, if you really take me up on this, post your posters on our BayouLife Facebook page that I know everyone has liked. Okay, so songs around the campfire is stretching it just a bit, but a few years ago we hung a big sheet on our garage door, borrowed a projector and watched a movie in our driveway. The kids loved it and Scott only complained a little bit. Okay, a lot actually, because the kids ran through his beloved flower beds and broke some plants while they played Hideand-Seek, and well, he loves his yard more than he loves me, so yeah…it was a lot.

BUT, it was a fun night for the kids and I even rolled my popcorn popper out there and we actually thought we were at the real movies. Next, speaking of movies, why not host a Halloween movie night. Now, let me just back up to the first Halloween column I wrote for BayouLife, nearly five years ago, when I told my readers how this holiday is one of my favorite. I have just always enjoyed dressing up, hosting a trick-or-treat party and having a hayride through our neighborhood.

So critics, be kind when I make this recommendation. Seriously, I booby-trap the doors when Scott is out-of-town, even when I set the alarm. And I have been known to sleep with a Psycho knife at my bedside, all because of this stupid movie. Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, a Halloween family movie night. Another reason to have. Runway will include a fabulous style show showcasing the latest in fashion and style.

The Croswell Girls will be displaying their favorite looks down the newly built white runway and would like to invite you to have a front row seat. So make a note of all the looks you like in the fashion show, and you can find them throughout the store. This will be child-free night, so please leave the kids with the babysitter, although dads are welcome. There will be fun, music and you can come and go shop from ! The boutique expansion includes five freshly built dressing rooms, the runway stage, a White Carpet Banner and a cozy nook where you can try on over 50 styles of shoes.

The dressing rooms were designed to be generous in size, to ensure comfort and space while trying on your favorite pieces. Right next to the dressing rooms is the new stage for Runway ! They have infused shopping into a great experience that creates a lasting memory that can be shared with friends. Space has never been an issue at this boutique with over 6, fall pieces trickling in daily.

Fall is the best season for fashion because of the possibility to layer! Boutique has kimonos, vests, colored skinny jeans, dresses, tops and camisoles, just to name a few. With our affordable prices, you will have no reason to not come update your wardrobe.

Every piece is unique and will definitely add to any look. With its cozy and comfortable setting, Boutique simply feels like an extension of your own closet.

Booties, heels, wedges and sneakers can all be found here. With an extensive selection of styles, Boutique has supplied their store with something for everyone. Comfortable seating has been added, along with a separate section in the store just for shoes. South of Bastrop this alluring boutique lies along Hwy , away from all of the hustle and bustle of city life. A chance to step out of the normal and into something extraordinary. Continuously improving and updating the clothes, jewelry and shoes, this boutique itself is truly one-of-a-kind.

They will have hundreds of new styles available and it is the perfect time of year to come see what this boutique has to offer. It will be held on Thursday, September 21st and will be the icon of fun meeting fashion.

A night out with the girls is always a good idea and you are sure to go home with some new styles and fun memories, but please no children. Boutique plans to have style shows throughout the year so if you miss out on this one there will definitely be another. Separate yourself from all the others and take a trip to this timeless, classic boutique. You can experience the revolution in shopping at Old Monroe Rd. We are open Monday-Friday and Saturdays Each year, the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council showcases the talents of local chefs, as well as visiting culinary artists.

Proceeds from the event benefit the Arts Council and its efforts to support and promote the arts in Louisiana Cultural Region 8. A variety of fine wines and craft beers will also be available for sampling.

Festival sponsors will be afforded reserved parking and early admittance to the event before the doors officially open at 6 p. Our first two years have been a tremendous success and garnered lots of enthusiasm among participating chefs and festival goers. This year should be even better.

With the first year a sellout, the Arts Council expanded in year two and moved to a larger venue for Friday night in Yard in Monroe and Lake Charles. These chefs will participate at the Friday evening tasting and stay to contribute their talents throughout the weekend. Tom loves to share his expertise as a sommelier and Durwin has partnered with him to bring back this popular event. Area restaurants will also host seated, multi-course dinners Saturday night.

They will be offering elaborately planned meals prepared by celebrated chefs. A lover of pairing food, wine and beer, he will present a meal designed to celebrate all three. Dana Milford has put together a five-course meal sourced locally and all gluten free. For those diners requiring a dairy free option, she will be able to accommodate that requirement also. Not one to be out done, Chef Pat Nolan is set to host an evening of fine food and wines at her location on Louisville Avenue.

All Saturday night events will be giving back to the arts by donating a portion of their proceeds to a designated arts organization. The bridge will closed for three hours, allowing patrons plenty of time to enjoy food, beer, and fun.

Area musicians will provide a live music backdrop while you stroll the Endom Bridge and enjoy the one-of-a-kind view. These are definitely for the bold. Despite the debilitating heat, fashionable women everywhere still find excuses to wear their suede boots, cashmere v-necks, and leather leggings once August is behind them.

Adding a few of these fun, trendy pieces to your wardrobe will surely make you a fashionista this season. Fall fashion is all about throwbacks and this trend definitely takes us back to the 80s and 90s. I love when a trend is extremely wearable for everyday, parties, church, etc. The midi skirt is just fabulous. The color red exudes confidence, power, romance and looks great on all skin tones and hair colors.

I wish I had saved all of my wonderful wide belts from high school although I doubt they woud still fit! For a young black kid from Ferriday, football was a great opportunity to get out of the Delta parishes, if only for a while.

After a year at Louisiana College, he transferred to ULM with designs of becoming the young, hip professional he wanted to be. That never crossed my mind. He would work for free if Jose would teach him how to sew. For the next few years, he mastered the skills necessary to build high-quality, fashionable suits and jackets. Apprenticing with Jose gave him an appreciation for quality and attention to detail.

He also learned about the various cuts of suits, the shapes of lapels, and the types of fabrics that go into making suits. The first spring line was revolutionary. The cuts of the jackets are at once traditional — there are dinner lapels, European lapels and traditionals, watch pockets and tucked vents — and anything but traditional.

For one blazer, Christien employed a vibrant, fuscia silk embroidered with a loose floral design. A third offering was even more stunning — purple paisley doublebreasted suit with a matched purple and gold bowtie.

For each of the creations, Christien drew inspiration from the season. That was my inspiration — do with suits what we do with flowers and bring out the color. It really was capturing the essence of spring in a collection of suits. A fall line followed just a few months later, and Christien Kollection kept this debut close to home, rolling out the new designs during New Orleans fashion week. For the Fall Collection, he chose more traditional fabrics, pairing them in unique ways.

He also began experimenting with the cuts of suits, the shapes of lapels. A traditional, double-breasted wool suit, complete with gold buttons, wears nicely. Christien added his own flair, though, by choosing a vibrant red wool, which he accented with an equally bold bowtie and red suede shoes. He had another goal in mind, too, with the fall collection. As with his Spring collection, his fall lines blew audiences away. Yet Christien pulls it off. Part of that is because he knows how to play to an audience.

With the Fall collection, he also introduced his first creations for women. The leather returns on the shoulders and in a single accent on the right collar, picking up on the militaristic trend in contemporary fashion. You can find out more about Christien McCray or order clothing from his lines at www.

Cathi French Roberts and Lori French are intrigued with home, fashion, music, far flung travels, and artisan moments. Cathi and Lori have been involved in the international fashion and design industry for the past 25 years.

A myriad of projects have given them vast opportunities to travel throughout North America and Europe. Join them for a colloquium of inspiration and ideas for your life and home.

Casual can be elegant and fun rises to all occasions. Of course it is nature and travel and daily experiences, but it is interesting to discover that many ideas and concepts are directly translated and borrowed from interiors. So the next time you wear an animal blouse or a jacquard jacket or a pin-striped pajama pant — you might find that same fabric and pattern is in the lobby of an international luxe hotel or downstairs in your living room!

If you are not carrying your python or animal skin clutch handbag, why not display it in a bookshelf for depth and interest. Looking at your personal objects in a different way triggers creativity. Grommets have been around since the days of lavish castles and estates and actually did have a purpose of construction and not only decoration.

Lately the infusion of grommets and studs and hardware have made their way into mainstream clothing collections. Gorgeous soft supple buttery leathers with these hammered details are dynamic and worthy of a history. Animal print is definitely one of those favorites. It instantly ignites the space as a modern classic look. With fall weather approaching, I am ready for a change in my living room.

What can I do that is easy but still makes a statement? We can help you! Sometimes just moving, adjusting, and re-interpreting your current furniture and objects can make a world of difference.

We can recycle your treasures! How can I make them relate? It should be inviting and reflect who you are to your guests. Can I still make improvements? We can work with what you have throughout your home and make it fresh and modern. We are flexible to help you update at your pace. Game days and tailgating are a special time when students, alumni, locals and visiting fans come together to socialize, eat great food and cheer on their favorite team.

These events are themed with live music, food and brews. Unique pop-up shopping opportunities will be available in Railroad Park, as well as the Tech Bar Bop Band making special appearances in downtown stores and restaurants. Saturday activities follow with downtown shopping and dining, shuttle services and tailgating outside of Joe Aillet Stadium. The first Loyal Blue Weekend will be celebrated September Starting at p. On Saturday, Bulldog fans can take advantage of downtown shopping and dining prior to kick-off.

Locals and visitors can avoid game day traffic by parking downtown. Shuttle services will be provided from Downtown Ruston to Joe Aillet Stadium and back again, running continuously starting at 1p. September 8, come out and celebrate. For more information and a complete list of events, visit www. Older lasers treated the skin with a solid beam, so after treatment you looked like you stuck your head in an oven.

Newer lasers split the beam into hundreds of small beams that leave tiny islands of normal skin untreated - providing a safer, gentler and more comfortable treatment. Get tax forms. Many people use the library as a resource to collect tax forms and instruction booklets. Find books on mindfulness. We have so many resources on mindfulness! You can look at items from other libraries, and place a hold on them to be sent to the library of your choice so you can check them out.

Hang with my friends. From our free public programs, chess club, and lounge area, the public library constitutes and important third place in the community. The third place or third space is an important part of community building, giving people a place to go and to intermingle away from home 1st place and the office 2nd place.

Examples of third places are environments such as cafes, clubs, public libraries, and parks. To get music. We have thousands of CDs in all genres of music. We also host a music database called Freegal.

It is a free service to all of our cardholding patrons. Signing up for this service is easy and you can download three songs per week to your device or flash drive. You then own these songs. There are current hits plus a lot of deep cuts available on this site. Teen night. Teen nights are Tuesday nights and our Teen Librarian, Doris Jean, always has something great going on for the teens! To work on PhD proposal and research my genealogy. If you are studying, we have loads of study space and we as librarians love to watch people learn and succeed right before our eyes.

We also have an amazing genealogy and local history section with dedicated staff that want to you to be able to find your ancestors. We have many databases you can use right from home, or come in to use ancestry. A library program. Fusing vintage samples with double bass, gypsy-jazz guitar, keyboards, drums, synths and electro beats to create a unique and stylish sound. The driving force behind the wonderful annual Swingamajig festival, expect bucketfuls of sass and all ten of your toes to be exhausted from an evenings tapping.

The multiple Grammy award winning artist released his first album of original material in April, his first for 13 years. Prine's musical touch on The Tree of Forgiveness is still pristine.

Birmingham's reggae party overlords One Dub bring a unique experience in cruelty free dining as they take over Stirchley's British Oak for the impossibly cool sounding Vegan Dub Garden. The Oak's garden is one of the best in the city and it can only get better with the deepest roots and reggae rhythms provided by One Dub selectors, such as DJ Kat, drifting through the guaranteed sunshine of this glorious summer, with delicious vegan food available from the celebrated Warehouse Cafe and Nyam Nyam.

Gig: Valley Maker at Subside Seattle's philosophical folk artist Valley Maker, who was born Austin Crane, wends into Digbeth to start your week off with a dreamy range of earnest songwriting in support of his third album Rhododendron. Basil will be performing tracks from the record alongside his solo material. There will be laughter, there may be tears, but there will definitely be honesty. Plenty of food and drink options too with our favourites Fat Snags and Middle Feast the pick of the bunch.

Unmissable events include a Conjurer's Kitchen wicked Silence of the Lambs eatalong, we dread to think what snacks Annabel de Vetten will be serving, a screening of Ben Wheatley's J G Ballard adaptation High Rise atop the Rotunda and the unpleasantly hilarious postman baiting serial killer frenzy of Man Bites Dog.

Taste and Liquor will be laying on the usual incredible array of street food, with DJs plugged into a massive outdoor sound system. Don't be late there's free drinks for the first people. Free entry before 11pm.

The unique electro-pop-rap feminist stylings of Eaves is complemented by a raft of Listening Sessions DJs including Goosensei, a poets corner and a whole lot more.

See our full preview here. Back for another audio visual assault on one of Birmingham's coolest spots with a ten ton disco wrecking ball that you can guarantee will be covered in glitter.

Top night guaranteed. Sat 28 Jul 8. Returning brummie hero DJ Feva will be taking you on a mash up through the choicest Hip Hop, beats, breaks and funk until the early hours.

Psychedelic Vampire Disco at The Sunflower Lounge When it comes to horror themed events no one does scary sleaze like Ben Drummond and co at The Sunflower Lounge, with a knowing nod and a wink to the golden age of seventies female vampire movies, enter into a party that could be right inside Jess Franco's head with themed sounds, psychedelic visuals and bloody cocktails.

The best dressed spooks will receive prizes. Fri 26 Oct 5. Transposing the slapstick thrills of the Three Stooges into that cabin in the woods was a stroke of absolute genius. An unrelentingly inventive laugh gore riot. Fri 26 Oct 7. Glow sticks at the ready. Come in fancy dress as a Stranger Things character with prizes being awarded for the best.

Read our full preview here. We may just camp in the beautiful Moseley Park and Pool all year. Read our full preview here and be in with a chance of winning a pair of weekend tickets. DE12 6DQ. It will surely be a different vibe away from the industrial heart of the Triangle but a strong lineup and convivial surroundings will keep the buzz lively. If the sun shines, which of course it will, Made is a blissfully upbeat event. Music, street food, arts and seriously good times. Taking place at The Midland Railway Centre, visitors can take train rides with bands performing live sets, explore the museum and park, there's even a miniature railway.

MC Juice Aleem, Surge Orchestra and over 15 performances from a spectacularly progressive line-up of award-winning musicians, composers and emerging talent including acclaimed string, woodwind, percussion musicians, artists and composers celebrating improvisation, collaboration and music from across the globe.

A full day and night of the phattest beats and finest eats at Birmingham's excellent Hawker Yard, one of the most unique spaces in the city, a kind of industrial wet dream inspired by Budapest's Ruin bars and the hawker centres of South East Asia.

Food and cocktails available throughout with a record fair on site, and as it's a free event all that money you save can go on new vinyl, result. The incredible Lunar Festival returns bigger and better than ever in after taking a break last year. Taking inspiration from the Lunar Society of Birmingham, the festival is a whole weekend's worth of stimulation for your senses, imagine putting your brains through a celestial deep clean for 72 hours affording smiles, a deep mental refreshing and intellectual enlightenment.

A whole human reboot if you will. So much to pick from, as if the organisers had a no limits cultural fantasy pool from which to draw. The majestic silky electro pop of Goldfrapp is always unmissable, Birmingham's own experimental pioneers Dorcha rock up, with groundbreaking dance music act A Guy Called Gerald and the flamboyant Basement Jaxx DJ set standing out for us. But it's all the nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered that make Lunar so special.

Dad dancing competition anyone? We'll be there. Workshops on foraging for your dinner, a bit of Shrubstep birdsong and a nice relaxing sound bath. Lunar has it all. Ben Wheatley's nihilistic adaptation of J G Ballard's novel is a savagely glossy dystopian fable dripping in sumptuously beige seventies cultural artefacts.

You'll be harking for your hostess trolley, flying ducks and chicken in the basket to complement the gushing violence of Wheatley's vision. Shock and Gore have provided the ideal way for Brummies to immerse themselves in the film with a screening in a penthouse suite at the top of The Rotunda.

Canapes and drinkies await for Ballardian adventurers. Check out our Shock and Gore feature here. Interesting fact, Tom was once mugged in Bilston.

The Real Junk Food Project will be providing pay what you feel dining. Thu 25 Oct 6. Mathangi Arulpragasam, better known as M. The zombies in Night of the Living Dead are terrifying and the brutality very real as our heroes fight to stay alive. In a sense one could argue that the zombies got serious. Enjoy this horror classic with some disgustingly tasty treats from gastronomic genius the Conjurer's Kitchen.

Opening things up are local movie obsessed electronica boys Agents of Evolution, who will tear through a set of John Carpenter inspired noise before a screening of the great man's classic, The Thing. Things are rounded off nicely with a Rocky Horror Halloween Party at The Custard Factory featuring the film, live music, DJs, street food and some outrageous costumes hopefully.

Check out the full schedule here. Are you ready for nine days of inspired music across venues and featuring performances, of which are free? Incredible isn't it? Welcome to the 34th Birmingham Jazz Festival, that has now spread its wings to include Solihull and Sandwell. Whatever your jazzy taste from Bebop to Trad, your musical intellect will be piqued amongst the enormous schedule that has been thoughtfully curated to include artists from all around the world.

If we could attend all shows we happily would but we will not be missing local legend, alto saxophonist Chris Bowden who makes several appearances throughout, revered singer songwriter, with four decades at the top, Leo Sayer and the outlandish Canadian jazz funksters The Shuffle Band. Check out the full schedule here , with bands performing for free at most of the city's landmarks throughout, we recommend taking in the sunshine, sounds, grab a bite to eat and soak up the glorious atmosphere the Jazz festival generates.

The Brindleyplace bandstand is a favourite spot of ours, be sure to catch the barge based canal dwelling Water Gypsies there. Fri 20 Jul to Sun 29 Jul at various venues. Full guide here. Unabashed party monsters, can get the most recalcitrant of toes tapping.

Street food, live music, DJs, funky cocktails and Jamaican flair in the unbridled bonhomie of one of the Jewellery Quarter's finest establishments. This weekend bring along your sharpest ears as electronic duo EIF warm up for their new single release party at The Hare tomorrow by performing in store. DJs Mazzy, Richard and Josh will come armed with piles of vinyl to get even the most recalcitrant of punters grooving.

If you've ever wondered what to do when your Ketamine levels are critical or when to start stalking your boyfriend Gabby has all the answers. Sat 21 Jul 8. Music, entertainment and all the choccy action you can handle.

Some 10, games to plug your brains into and a stunning collection of Digbeth Dining Club street food to plug your faces into. The theme this time round is everyones favourite gun toting invertebrate Lumbricus, Earthworm Jim.

Enjoy the trip and it is a trip. Lester is the author of the critically acclaimed novels Lillian on Life and Yuki Means Happiness, and in her latest piece of riotous prose she explores the romantic tribulations of being a blues musician on the road.

Tom Clarke Hill will be performing a unique musical and spoken word take on the piece alongside Phil Bond that features a specially composed version of Middle of the River, one of the songs from Lester's story. Your evening will be completed with music and poetry from James Summerfield and Darren Cannan, that's a lot of cultural bang for five measly pounds.

Feed your brains and whilst you're there check out the Warehouse Cafe's glorious menu and feed your bellies too. Mon 8 Oct 7. Tue 16 Oct 7. Polemical and angry, which is how you we feel after viewing it. Wed 17 Oct 7. Understated and genuinely creepy, with a cute political subtext that predates the shuffling arrival of Romero's hordes by a couple of years. The whole miserable journey of weapon to battlefield and the ensuing misery of its deployment is analysed in detail.

The collusion of states, manufacturers, intelligence services and the endemic corruption at their core will make your blood boil. Enry fee includes a kitsch apple cocktail. Wed 17 Oct 6. It's all for you. A series of shorts around the theme of swing dancing will be followed by John Clein's Keep Punching, a satisfying boxing film that notably has a large cast of black actors, unusual for its time, and contains a wonderful Lindy Hopping sequence. Sheriff's play reflecting on the abject futility of the first world war is a superlatively realised production featuring incredible performances from a raft of English actors such as Toby Jones, Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham.

The tragedy is found in the pathetic minutiae of life, such as meal times, as the hulking presence of an inevitable and violently pointless death looms ever closer. It's a quiet horror that is unsettling and poignant. Sun 20 Oct 7. Purchasing a wristband is essential for booking entry to events and secures a complimentary cocktail at most venues.

Check out the full programme here. Yes please. Fri 12 Oct 4. This time around Martian Social Club will be belting out their peculiar bluesey psychedelic tinged noise. You can rest assured dear reader that here at Birmingham Wire we will only ever bring you the most imaginative, tasty and exquisite of dining experiences. Michelin stars, funky street food and wacky pop ups are all on our gastronomic radar. With this in mind how could we ignore an event featuring everybody's favourite corn snack whilst simultaneously raising money for homeless charity SIFA Fireside.

Whoever can eat ten packets of Space Raiders in the quickest possible time will win a range of prizes and of course the opportunity to bask in what will probably be the greatest achievement of your life. Thomas Shelby's stylish crime family has exposed the world to Birmingham in an unprecedented way, the sharp suits and even sharper blades of The Peaky Blinders, not to mention Cillian Murphy's gorgeous face, have piqued interest in the city and its vast heritage.

Tapping into this Brumgeist comes an exciting immersive festival taking place at the renovated Rainbow pub in Digbeth and Adderley Street, which will feature an incredible actors and musicians in period costume recreating the old Peaky stomping grounds.

Fill your boots with contemporary Blinder's ales and street food, get dizzy on the funfair, let loose at live boxing, enjoy raucous music hall and there's even the chance to get your fortune told. Arts: Digbeth First Friday The usual gorgeous monthly medley of cultural artistic joy returns to downtown Digbeth and for November's instalment the array of imaginative events is astonishing. Check out the full guide here. Music, discussion and tasty dining provided by The Real Junk Food Project, bring your own plates and cutlery, no waste you see.

The grim parallels with the worst of the Thatcher years are painfully unmistakable but the voices heard in the film offer hope. Troll 2 dir: Claudio Fragasso, , cert 18 Celebrate Halloween in the company of one of the worst films ever made, bathe in its crippling ineptitude as actors are forced to deliver lines in the pigeon English they were written by dictatorially deluded Italian director, Claudio Fragasso. You trying to turn me into a homo? Disembowelling your star actress in the opening scene was a master stroke.

Lee famously doesn't speak throughout, claiming he refused to due to the poor script, but his screen presence is darkly powerful. Enjoy the Count's range of sinister hissing whilst sipping on a specially selected range of wines curated by Tony Elvin. However, there is no denying the extravagant neon joy of the clubbing scenes, come dressed to impress as CineQ host a unique Halloween party.

The classic of silent cinema will be accompanied by Nigel Ogden on the Town Hall's stunning organ. Wed 31 Oct 7. Thu 1 Nov 5. Moving, touching and powerful, its tale of the grim destruction of nature by nefarious human overlords is as potent today as it was four decades ago. Part of the ongoing Anim18 Festival running across the country. The Oak House Museum will be laying on themed cocktails throughout. Fri 2 Nov 6. Screening as part of the Invisible Britain: Portraits of Hope and Resilience book launch, the documentary follows The Sleaford Mods on tour in the run up to the general election whilst focussing on the biting effects of austerity.

Arts: Digbeth First Friday at various venues It's time for your monthly culture overload down in Digbeth with a stunning cavalcade of artistic treats with which to fill your brains and top up the senses. Check out the full list of events here. Fri 3 Aug at various venues. Film: Global Shorts at Stirchley Baths Another smattering of short movies curated by those fine fellows at Neighbourhood Shorts, who have teamed up with Stirchley Open Cinema to bring you twelve films from twelve different countries.

Fri 3 Aug 7. The weather forecast is top notch so kick back, down a few cocktails and let some of the finest beats known to humankind float over you. Long languid days of folky feelgood vibes build up to spirited crowd-fuelled high times as the sun sets behind the leafy stage at Moseley Folk Festival. The music has home-spun charms and happy, hooky enchantments ranging from mellow to madly foot-stomping. Folkers can refresh themselves with local ale and Pimms, while experiencing the typical sights of flower garlands, crafts, banjos, beards, ukeleles, picnic rugs and hand-powered fairground rides plus summer hay throwing and hoe-downs.

The annual Moseley Folk Festival always provides the ideal climax to festival season in the city, with its picturesque setting and quirky folk, roots and world music line-ups. Yet another pitch perfect, funky patchwork mix of musical joy is promised this year with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, The Levellers, This Is The Kit and King Creosote set to fuel the magical late-summer festivities.

For more info see our full preview here. We have 2 pairs of weekend tickets to give away to Birmingham Wire readers. The competition closes at midday on Fri 13 Jul when we will announce the winners.

To celebrate this, and the several decades of cultural coexistence that followed, the mac has a whole season of events ranging from exhibitions, music, art, spoken word, dance, comedy and workshops. Tuning in with almost divine synchronicity to our thoughts of adventures in the warm, wild outdoors and live music under the stars, the latest festival to check-off all of the above and more , comes bounding into vision, full of the joys of a woodland spring.

The inaugural Timber Festival, set within the National Forest, just 30 minutes from Birmingham promises a truly stellar arts and music line-up. Before any mention of headliners there's already an arboreal wonderland of offerings complete with an eco spa, tree tents, fire garden, aerial acrobatics, a woodland library, wild playground, masked ball and aerial acrobatics.

Add to that their inspired musical line-up including headliners This Is The Kit whose January Glee club gig sold out toot sweet and the evergreen Jane Weaver and music and art will mingle atmospherically in between the trees. Other highlights including the epic sized luminosity of Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon and a new interactive performance by Jony Easterby.

Creative all-age play will be well catered for by magic making team behind the award-winning Just So festival and yet more wild-style highlights will come in the form of the world premiere of Seek, Find, Speak, an outdoor theatre adaptation of The Lost Words book of 'spell-poems' about nature's role in modern childhood.

From secret midnight gigs to guided dawn runs through the forest, be there to witness this dusk to dawn creative woodland wonderland come magically to life. The competition closes at midday on Mon 7 May when we will announce the winner. Prize is non-refundable, non-transferable, non-exchangeable and no cash alternative offered. That twitching sensation you can feel? It seems all set to be an afternoon of neon, floral shirts and summer dresses with a distinctly 90s, Vice City aesthetic, a retro throwback to the sounds and fashions of yesteryear.

Either works. The usual resident DJs will be raising a storm with a special guest appearance from swing and bass pioneer Fizzy Gillespie. Limited free tickets.

Expect a fusion of house, soul, funk and disco. Also featuring Samantha Bagg. Gig: The Mother's Earth Experiment at The Dark Horse Prog-rock six-piece the Mother Earth Experiment are Zappa to the core, from their geeky funk-rock grooves, to their dense psychedelic atmospheres and their unabashed ecological proselytising. Luckily for us we can share in that joyous musical journey too as the NYO Inspire will be performing some well known classics on the mac terrace including Holst's Jupiter and Elgar's Nimrod.

The Piano will become a swamp of deep south rumbling as The Villains career through a set of covers and original material. Fantastic live band with an energy that ignites any venue.

Fri 13 Jul 7. Catch his glorious mix of funked up soul, hip hop, reggae and anything else his eclectic freestyle mind throws into an always slick sound at the Old Crown as he takes over the stunning garden space, and all for free. How good is that? We recommend digging down the back of the sofa for some loose change.

The Archway is going to be hosting film, music, arts and live sports England in the World Cup final maybe? It couldn't get anymore bonhomier, this evening the Bristol based singer songwriter Joseph Williams will be performing and there will also be cake.

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  4. New AV at Steele – December January 9, Posted by CCLD in New AV, Steele. Tags: audiobook, cd, dvd, movie, music, new av add a comment. NEW DVD: Christmas In Compton; Kate & Mim-Mim-A Christmas Wish; Charming Christmas.
  5. Greg Donaldson’s Zebratown follows the life of Kevin Davis, an ex-con from Brownsville, Brooklyn, who, after his release from prison, moves to Elmira, New York, and takes up with Karen, a young woman with a six-year-old daughter.
  6. Fri 10 Aug 9pm at The Dark Horse, Alcester Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8JP buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co Gig: Catwalk Villains at The Dark Horse Moseley’s finest exponents of big dirty blues land at The Dark Horse for a riotous night of mile high riffs and powerhouse noise. The upstairs room will become a swamp of deep south rumbling as The Villains.
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  8. Software Sites Software Capsules Compilation Tucows Software Library CD-ROM Images Shareware CD-ROMs ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. Featured image All images latest This Just In Flickr Commons Occupy Wall Street Flickr Cover Art USGS Maps. Metropolitan Museum. Top NASA Images Solar System Collection Ames Research Center.
  9. The manuscript [compact disc] / Dave Hollister. Hollister, Dave, composer, performer. CD R12h The heart speaks in whispers [sound recording]: [deluxe edition] / Corinne Bailey Rae. Rae, Corinne Bailey, composer, performer. CD Sw31d Dress to impress [sound recording (CD)] / Keith Sweat. Sweat, Keith, performer. CD Us3h.

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