5.15 - The Who - The Who Live - Blues To The Bush (CD2) (CDr, Album)

Who's Greatest Hits Reissued Who's Greatest Hits. It's Hard Remastered Hooligans Vinyl CD2. Hooligans Vinyl CD1. The Kids Are Alright Remastered The Kids Are Alright Vinyl. Tommy Original Soundtrack CD2.

Tommy Original Soundtrack CD1. The Who By Numbers Vinyl. Odds And Sods Vinyl. Quadrophenia Remastered CD2. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Recording Date November 12, - December 23, Track Listing - Disc 1. I Can't Explain. Pete Townshend. The Who. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere. Pinball Wizard. I've seen the band in various forms over the years--group and solo--and I've heard tons of 'bootleg' material.

So the burning question here is simple: where does The Blues to the Bush fall within all that? The answer is somewhere in the middle. The good thing about this new release is that this time out, they're doing it for the right reason--because they want to. The sound quality is outstanding also, better than any of their other live releases. The biggest problem I have with this album is the fade out after every track, which means there is little or no stage banter to give the CD a real live 'feel.

In fact, I could have hated the overblown pathos of songs like 'Love Reign O'er Me' if it weren't for the fact that I know for sure it comes straight from Townshend's romantic heart, unlike, say, something like King Crimson's 'Epitaph' - a similar gesture of grandiosity, but, however beautiful that one is, it's rather fake and sterile as compared to Pete's confessional melodies. Just what its title suggests. Some good stuff messed with bizarre crap.

The reissue's well worth your money, though. A slightly more obscure album of outtakes selected and cleaned up by John while the other band members were following their own fortunes. The good Ox thus lent a hand to the band in that a did not pass out without a Who album and b some of the real good stuff has been given out instead of dusting on the shelves.

Still, one should always approach an outtake album with caution since, well, outtakes are usually something the band does not like from the start, and if even the band itself does not like 'em, why should we? In fact, the only great outtakes album I know seems to be Tattoo You , but most of them were reworked, so it's not a clear-cut case Oh, never mind.

This stuff mostly falls in three categories, one of which is Lifehouse outtakes, the other one is tunes written somewhere around but not directly related to any conceptual project, and the most precious part is earlier stuff which for the most part rules.

It's nothing special, but it is funny, and especially weird-looking in this context. The early stuff also includes the anti-smoke groove 'Little Billy' which was originally made for a cancer society or something like that but rejected because the company thought it was too scary ha-ha!

Apparently it could have easily fit in on Sell Out. Plus, the shorty 'Glow Girl' provides some insights into the beginnings of Tommy - and did you know that 'Tommy' was supposed to be a girl in the first place? All these songs are very far from being classics, but that's no big reason to dismiss 'em none. The worst problem with The Who were certainly Pete's constant nervous breakdowns and midlife crises. And even if all of these things always seemed to emphasize his utmost sincerity and romantic belief in the supernatural powers of music, while fellow colleagues like Mick J went on splendidly and delivered high quality, but far too often fake 'product', all of these fits and downs had no good impact on the music.

Basically, Pete was just too keen on laying bare his soul, and forgetting about pure musical quality in the process - something which John Lennon, for instance, never did. The Who By Numbers is probably the most obvious example. Approximately half of this album is very good, though not particularly breathtaking, and approximately half of it is annoying to the extreme. Take a song like 'How Many Friends', for example. It includes a heap of sad, bitter lyrics about Pete being surrounded by sycophants and braindead fans, but the melody is at its best rudimentary.

Same goes for the unexpectedly jolly 'However Much I Booze' sung by Pete himself which drags on for about five minutes, based on the same monotonous plodding riff, and achieves practically nothing. See, I just corrected that rating from 7 to 6, because I feel a 7 is too good for this album. Dull and boring. Listenable, that is, but an incredible letdown after the relentless climaxes of Quadrophenia. If we talk of controversial albums as those that run the biggest gamut between 'beloved' and 'despised', Who Are You is certainly a worthy candidate for the most controversial Who album ever recorded, as its evaluation varies from 'magnificent, fully confident and profound return to form' to 'tired rehashing of past glories with the band dying out more and more on every following track'.

Now while I usually straddle the fence in such cases, Who Are You is one of those cases where I'd rather be agreeing with the former camp. If you ask me though why should you , this album shows that these guys can have personal problems and write great music all in one time.

A poorly conceived soundtrack album, but the previously unavailable live stuff more than makes up for it. Not exactly a greatest hits compilation - rather a movie soundtrack, but what with a lot of performances never released previously, this can count as an independent album.

The song selection is somewhat peculiar, though. The movie reviewed below contained tracks not on the soundtrack, and vice versa. Ever heard 'My Generation' performed as a slow menacing blues number gradually picking up steam? Totally fascinating! And with this stupid remaster, all that remains to you is grab the video. So grab it anyway!!! A rather lame attempt at re-whoing the Who, but at least it's not as bad as it is often considered to be.

Without Keith, The Who foolishly decided to carry on with ex-Faces drummer by the name of Kenney Jones - amazingly, their first years with the man even managed to result in some excellent, ass-kicking stage performances as can be evidenced on the lengthy extract from the 30 Years Of R'n'B video ; unfortunately, the infamous Cincinnati incident, when several people were crushed to death in the crowd, brought this short-lived "live revival" to an end as well.

By this time it seemed obvious that The Who had finally totally lost it: the stage performance had degenerated as evidenced by the wretched live album that came out soon afterwards ; Pete got into tons of nervous and drug breakdowns, culminating in a terrible collapse that almost made him follow in the steps of Keith Moon; and seeing as Pete was really in this terrible state, Roger and John finally let him go after cutting this bastard of an album.

Retrieved 14 April Archived from the original on 24 July British Phonographic Industry. Select albums in the Format field. Select Platinum in the Certification field. Recording Industry Association of America. Who Are You 6. Won't Get Fooled Again 8. The Kids Are Alright 9. My Generation I Can't Expalin Substitute Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhee Pinball Wizard

May 22,  · Album: The Blues To The Bush LPs (vinyl) Sampled: n/a CDs Sampled: Music Maker (USA) Note: This was an Internet-only CD by the now defunct buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co LP Comments: n/a Summary and Other Comments: The release of this album via an independent "on-line" company was a bold and innovative move. The CD itself is not all that flattering to the band.

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  1. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Who Live - The Blues To The Bush/ on Discogs/5(10).
  2. Recorded live at The House Of Blues, Chicago 12/13 November and at The Empire Theatre, Shepherds Bush 22/23 December Front inserts are 2 sided 4 panel semi glossy foldout insert with lots of text & tray inserts are non glossy. Front inserts are identical for both discs/5.
  3. Recorded live at The House Of Blues, Chicago 12/13 November and at The Empire Theatre, Shepherds Bush 22/23 December Part 2 of the original mail order 2 CDr set with 2 sided 4 panel semi glossy front foldout insert with lots of text & back insert is non glossy/5.
  4. Music The Who Live: The Blues to the Bush buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co Released April THE WHO LIVE: THE BLUES TO THE BUSH was recorded at the House of Blues in Chicago on November 12 and 13, , and at the Empire Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush on December 22 and 23, It was sold exclusively from the now defunct buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co
  5. UK: No release US: CD buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co , April A selection from The Whos low-key comeback performances (in October at Chicagos House Of Blues, and December at Londons Shepherds Bush Empire) as a sensibly stripped-down five-piece featuring Roger, Pete, John, Rabbit Bundrick (keyboards), and Zak Starkey (drums).
  6. The album begins with solid performances of I Can't Explain, Substitute, and Anyway Anyhow Anywhere, all of which are as good or better than the versions on the Vegas Job or Royal Albert Hall DVDs. Next is the obligatory song from Tommy (Pinball Wizard), and then a fiery 7+ min. version of My Wife, and then a soaring version of Baba O'Riley 4/5(5).
  7. Nov 12,  · While not as flashy as Moon, Starkey is more solid and powerful, as proven by his playing on the Who 's live album, The Blues to the Bush, only available through the website buiwinhandnighlari.giediesenhoupertcapondsmastiobuyliofril.co Recorded during four shows during late (the House of Blues in Chicago and the Empire Theatre in Shepherds Bush), the compilation mixes favorites with obscure material.
  8. WHO The Who Live - The Blues To The Bush ( US track internet mail order edition Music Maker 2-CD-R album set featuring tracks recorded live at the House Of Blues, Chicago on 12/13 November and Empire Theatre, Shepherds Bush on 22/23 December Presented in a double jewel case picture sleeve).

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